In this section you will find links that don't belong in the link section, files that have been posted on the homepage and now have nowhere to go and othere bits and bobs that I don't know what to do with. Well with no further ado....

Official all things footie Wallpaper

A new season, a new wallpaper. To set as a desktop image ;

PC : Select appropriate size, right-click image, Set As Wallpaper.

OS 9 : Save image, open Appearance control panel. Select Desktop folder tab, Place Picture.

OS X : Open System Preferences, click on Desktop settings. Drag image from desktop to preview box in Desktop Preferences window.

all things footie wallpaper
 1024 x 768
 800 x 600


If you want to show your support for all things footie then please feel free to use any of these buttons on your website, simply copy the code below the desired button and paste into your webpage. You are welcome to download the image and upload it to your own webspace if you so desire (don't forget to change the img src attribute in the link).

helping the beautiful game keep its looks

all things footie :: helping the beautiful game keep its looks

all things footie :: helping the beautiful game keep its looks

all things footie :: helping the beautiful game keep its looks

World Cup Wallpaper

To commemorate the 2002 World Cup here are a couple of rather fetching original desktop images you may want to download. They are available in two sizes, 1024x768 and 800x600, if you require any other sizes please let me know and I'll see what can do.

wallpaper 1 - japanese lanterns  1024 x 768

 800 x 600
wallpaper 2 - the land of the rising sun  1024 x 768

 800 x 600

Enjoy! if you are having any problems with either wallpaper please do not hesitate to get in touch and let me know whats wrong, just go to the contact page.

World Cup Calculator

Use this handy excel spreadsheet to work out all the different permutations in every World Cup group, just right click on the icon below and select save. When you open the file you may be asked if you want to enable macros, if you download the file from below then I guarantee that it's OK to enable (you'll need to if you want to use the sheet). Enjoy!

World Cup Spreadsheet

Disk Wipe

A great little utility for freeing up hard drive space taken up by files that have been 'deleted'. Windows does not delete files in the traditional sense it simply tells the computer that the space that is taken up by the file can be overwritten when necessary. This is incredibly inefficient and can be rectified using this utility. Please note however that once DISKwipe has been run you will NOT BE ABLE TO UNDELETE OR RECOVER ANY FILES deleted prior to the running of DW.

Keepie Uppies

Posted on the home page a while back the keepie uppie game can be downloaded permanently here, then you can mail me with your best scores, including a screen capture if your boast is particularly great. I'll post the scores here so get posting...

Best Keepie Uppie

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