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All Things Footie | Sunday, April 9 | Jordan

Don't say I never give you anything

So the Champions League is entering it’s final phase, and Arsenal have beaten Real Madrid AND Juventus en route to the semis in four thrilling legs of football. What better way to celebrate than by giving away some free beer? All you have to do is write a piece about the Champions League (any length up to 500 words). The only rules are that you can’t be offensive, you have to be over 18, and you must live in the UK. The writer of the best entry (as judged by yours truly) received by 16th April 2006 (next Sunday) will win a crate of Heineken (24 bottles) along with a Heineken UEFA Champions League sports bag, beanie hat and mini-football. The winning entry will also be published - for talent scouts everywhere to read - on the TalkSport website and here on All Things Footie.

So get writing, and send your entries to [email protected] before next Sunday. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 19th April.

The domestic competition may be dull as ditchwater (though I think there’s a good chance that Manchester United could still spring a surprise on the runaway leaders, as they’ve done so many times before), but thanks to All Things Footie, you now have something to keep you busy on the upcoming dull weekends, waiting for Tuesday and Wednesday to come around (aren’t we all?).

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