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All Things Footie | Monday, April 30 | Jordan

PFA player of the season

Teddy Sheringham has been voted PFA player of the season, am I the only one that thinks this is ludicrous? He's not even the best striker in the Premiership let alone the best player. Marcus Stewart has made the transition from First division to the Premiership seamlessly and his 21 goals (as many as Sheringham) has surely been a factor in this team, favourites to go down at the start of the season, finishing at least in the top 4 surely. Lee Bowyer whose outstanding performances against top European opposition, the kind that have put Man Utd and Teddy Sheringham in their place this season, have surely put him amongst the top players in the Premiership, even discounting the problems he's had off the pitch. Roy Keane? Uniteds' best player this season by a mile, he and Vieira are the most influential two players in the premiership, as well as two the most gifted. Steve Gerrard?

All of these players' acheivements pale in to insignificance compared with Teddy Sheringhams' performances in the 2000/01 season. Coming to the end of his career, third choice striker, 21 goals in 36 appearances for a team that I could score 20 for. You make your mind up.

Team of the season

The team of the season has also been announced - no Beckham, understandable. Silvinho in, even though Ashley Cole has spent most of the season at left back. Wes Brown? good start but he's looked a bit didgy recently to be honest, there are better centre halves in the Premiership to be honest. Teddy Sheringham is presumably a better striker than Opta's best forward Sylvain Wiltord or the golden boot candidates Marcus Stewart, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Thierry Henry. Here it is anyway

Fabian Barthez
(Man Utd)
Steven Carr (Tottenham)Jaap Stam (Man Utd)Wes Brown
(Man Utd)
Silvinho (Arsenal)
Steve Gerrard (Liverpool)Patrick Vieira (Arsenal)Roy Keane
(Man Utd)
Ryan Giggs (Man Utd)
Thierry Henry (Arsenal)Teddy Sheringham (Man Utd)

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All Things Footie | Saturday, April 28 | Jordan


The 4-Aways results are up and its a successful week for Blindasabat who's sneeked the win from under my nose. The battle for second place in the season leaderboard is hotting up with Blindasabat leap-frogging Marshy, there's still all to play for though with Nik-W only 7 points behind second place. Second place will not, as normal, be reserved for thr first loser but will have the honour of being 'Nearly as good as Kanu' :-) I will try to organise some kind of prize though, I can't give it to myself now can I?

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Nearly on top of it

I'm on my way to doing all my jobs, still not done the results and the fixtures would be a pretty fruitless gesture at this point but I've got to get my 4-Aways in as I've only got 15 minutes. In the meantime a few bits of transfer news/gossip/speculation for you........

Apparently Arsenal have made a �12m for Hidetoshi Nakata and we all know Vialli will be at Watford next year after Taylors retirement (so long as they go up anyway).

Phillips has put in a transfer request (so they say anyway) sparking all the usual Spurs/Arsenal/Leeds (If Viduka goes to Milan/Madrid). Probably nonsense though, although Phillips has been left out of the team today for an 'injury' hmmmmmmmm.

Anyway, my 4-Aways....

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All Things Footie | Thursday, April 26 | Jordan

Oh and.....

I'll also get the results of last weekends 4-Aways up too, and maybe even the fixtures, I may not have time though so If the fixtures aren't done go to Football 365. I don't know whether Soccernet is working again and 365 seems the best bet (actually I'm beginning to prefer it). Sorry if it's a bit inconvenient but I'm knackered and I need a rest!

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

I'm back

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I've been away in Holland for the last two days and I only arrived back in Blighty this afternoon. It's typical though, I go away for a couple of days and the British transfer record signing goes through. I've heard enough about it though, being in the land of windmills, clogs and �19M footballers. I even saw him score last night against Cyprus, a good goal too (although he did miss 4 good chances first). I have to unpack now, I'll just check to see how the Player of the Year vote is going.

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All Things Footie | Saturday, April 21 | Jordan

All Things Footie Awards    VOTE!

It has come that time in the season to make your vote count in the atf awards. For outstanding performance and individual as well as team contribution above and beyond the call of duty, there are the following categories and nominations.....

Player of the Season

Young Player of the Season

Senior Player of the Season

I will pass on the results to the players concerned and let everyone know of any replies. Please click here to vote!!! and anyone who wants to, feel free to copy the link to the voting page and put it anywhere, the more votes the better (link is ).

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

My 4-Aways

This week I'm plumping for the following.......

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All Things Footie | Friday, April 20 | Jordan

Player of the Year

The Football Writers Association have voted Teddy Sheringham 'Player of the Year' the results were as follows

  1. Teddy Sheringham
  2. David Beckham
  3. Patrick Vieira
  4. Roy Keane

Now for a start, Keane has been United's best player this season by a mile, secondly no Lee Bowyer? Bowyer has only scored one less goal than Sheringham all season and he's a midfielder. He's been fantastic in europe as well, against better teams than Sheringham has played against, and for a 'worse' team. Just because he's a thug and he'll be locked up next season it doesn't mean he's undeserving of credit for the great season he's had this year. Especially bearing in mind he's had that court case to think of all the time as well.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Better late than

Sorry it's a bit late but for all the use it will be I've uploaded the fixtures for this weekend.

A quick note on last nights game, although I'll give Liverpool credit for beating Barcelona, it can't be said that Barca were at their best. Nor can it be said that Liverpool 'entertained' us. I have a horrible feeling that George Graham and Gerard Houllier are from the same bloodline with the dour, boring, defensive, men behind the ball blah blah blah football any scouse spectators have been subjected too. Just don't try that in the final Houlllier, I'm paying �70 for my ticket and if Liverpool stifle the game at Cardiff I'll be complaining to the FA.

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All Things Footie | Thursday, April 19 | Jordan

All out

*aside* apart from Leeds

Well United are (unsurprisingly) out of the Champions League and its 'come on Leeds' from now on. Ohh that must sting for the (true) United fans. To be honest most united fans probably won't even realise there is a rivalry between the clubs, or Liverpool who are in action tonight against Barcelona in the semi final of the UEFA cup (what a link). Good luck Liverpool, though I think you'll get spanked.

I've been really busy the last few days so updates have been few and far between, I've angered Bob-C by ignoring his 4-Away entry and I've not even started doing the fixtures for this weekend, shame on me. As some kind of concillation I've uploaded a new rant which you can go and read if you've got a few minutes to spare (go on I know you want to).

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All Things Footie | Wednesday, April 18 | Jordan

A small fix

I've had some problems with the menu bar on the left, IE5.0 doesn't seem to indent the sub-menus and some browsers dont even recognise them as links. I think it may be because I set their attributes as a class in my style sheet so I altered this to use a header tag (h4 as it happens). Problem is I can't set the font-weight to normal (so they're not bold like all other links) like this so they're bold for now until I can think if a better solution. Take a look at the pic below and if the menu doesn't look like this on your screen mail me, thanks everyone.

Menu bar, how it's supposed to look.

4-Aways results

They're in and on the results page. Quite a quiet week this time, I'm in the process of doing the fixtures for the upcoming weekend so bear with me people!

and finally

I've got to say something about last night haven't I. Well done to Leeds for getting comprehensively beaten but still getting to the quarter finals. Arsenal's problem was thinking that we could defend for 90 minutes against a quality attacking side and attack on the break. If only we'd taken the game to them more. When we did in brief spells they looked genuinely scared and there were a couple of truly first-class dives that could have earned us a penalty :)

Highlight of the game? Ashley Cole beating 4 players, then turning back and beating two of them again before Angloma cynically fouls him. Ash gets up and shakes his head and tuts like an old man at someone 10 years or so older than him. Class. He had a great game as well, looking international class without a doubt defensively and going forward.

Lowlight? Giving away a stupid goal and letting that gangly Norwegian carthorse score when he was having a 'mare.

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All Things Footie | Saturday, April 14 | Jordan

It's that time again

It's late in the day but here are my 4-aways for this week.

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All Things Footie | Thursday, April 12 | Jordan


I've been informed (OK he confessed) that Larry's claim of 171 on keepie uppies is a false one. He scored 17 and cut and pasted a one onto the end. Disgraceful. His boast will be removed.

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All Things Footie | Wednesday, April 11 | Jordan


The upcoming weekends fixtures have been uploaded, with full league programs for Saturday and Monday in English leagues there are enough fixtures to make up for the lack of Scottish football (excluding the cup).

I Just heard American Samoa lost 31-0 to Australia with forward Archie Thompson scoring an unbelieveable amazing comedy 13 goals.

On another subject, something I was sent today that I found mildly amusing, I wonder why.......

Never mind the year ends in one crap, Arsenal are the only team to have won a trophy every day of the week..

Arsenal win when the day ends in Y Brilliant stuff !

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

I'm beaten

I challenged and I got my come-uppance. 'Larry' has sent in a cap of his mighty keepie uppie score of 171, you can check it out on the stuff page.

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All Things Footie | Tuesday, April 10 | Jordan

Beat this

If you haven't been to the stuff page yet and downloaded the keepie uppie game then do it, its only a couple of hundred kb and will take a minute or so to download but give you hours of fun. Its more addictive than Nokia snake but a lot harder. The reason for this post is that a couple of days ago I scored 132, so I challenge all 111 of you visiting people to try and beat me. Send me a screen cap (mine can be viewed on the stuff page) and I'll display your boast proudly for all to see.

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All Things Footie | Sunday, April 8 | Jordan

4-Aways Results

The results of this months high-scoring, never-boring 4-Aways are in. A victory for Bob-C by a nose and a lowly last place by a couple of furlongs for a new entrant Larry are the highlights of what is going to be a competitve month in the 4-Aways competition. Check out the full results for details.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Big News

I have finally got around to buying a domain! you can now get this site simply by going to yipee. When I get a bit more cash together I will also get it hosted properly :) It almost feels professional now.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

The year ends in.....what??

Has the straw grasping finished? then I'll begin. The final of the FA cup is set to be a belter and both matches which lead the teams there were, in my opinion classics.

One team showed that even though all best guesses pointed to 5 or 6 nil scorelines, spanners are often thrown in the works. In the other match I have to take my hat off to Wycombe who bettered all expectations and provided a thriller, the only match I can think of where two fantastic defensive displays characterised a great game.

I think today highlighted the class division present in football, Spurs were so little of a challenge that even a team who are 6th from bottom in division two could have given us a better fight.

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All Things Footie | Friday, April 6 | Jordan

My 4-Aways

The challenge is to see if you can end my reign of supremacy, having won two months in a row it's all up for grabs as a new month starts with this weeks selections. No further ado....

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All Things Footie | | Jordan


What a dull, dull, dull, dull, dull, dull game. I've never been less enthralled by a football match before. It's not liverpool's fault I suppose, they were so determined not to score or concede a goal that I fear they're in for a mauling when Barca visit them and the 'pool try to play a bit more openly (lets hope for fans sake they do). It is a cup tie after all.

I remember being quite chuffed with a 1-1 score-line in the Nou Camp a season ago then when we tried to play against them rather than just try to hold them off, we got 4 goals stuffed past us. Alright we scored two, but that doesn't seem to matter to Barca, 'you score two... we'll double it' gits.

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All Things Footie | Thursday, April 5 | Jordan

Duberry and Woodgate, porridge?

Not for Michael Duberry anyway, he and Jonathon Woodgate have been cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Woodgates friends Paul Clifford and Neale Caveney were also cleared of the same charge. Duberry is now completely in the clear but Woodgate will be sweating on the verdict for the other charge(s).

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Fancy new things

To help you pick your 4-Aways I have now included (on request) league tables for the English Premiership, 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions. Just click on the league title on the fixtures page and a pop up window will appear with a live league table. I got the code from the four four two website but I can't find anything for the Scottish leagues, you're going to have to stick with soccernet or something similar for now.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Need a 'keeper?

In my opinion the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, Francesco Toldo, has announced he won't be playing for Fiorentina next season. Now, there's a certain top premiership club that needs a 'keeper, the only problem is that Seaman is awesome at the moment. Could a 38 year old Seaman and Toldo be in the same squad? I don't know. Would Toldo even come if the Seaman situation is as it is. Any opinions? go to the forum.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

I've bided long enough

What a great result, and a great game. If anyone saw the Arsenal - Valencia game last night you were lucky, lucky people. I could only find one pub showing it and I had to listen to the commentary from the Leeds game, a little disconcerting to say the least. Vieira was magnificent, Adams was better, Parlour scored a candidate for goal of the competition. But I thought Pires was the greatest influence on the game, he worked harder than I thought possible and his deft little backheel for our first goal couldn't have been more perfect.

I've got to mention Leeds as well, they didn't manage to hit 5 past them like we did last season ;) but it was a great performance (I heard it all, and it was showing on a TV next to the one I was watching the Arsenal on as well so I saw most of it too). Rio had a good game, I loved Kewell's little dinks over and around the (name escapes me) last defenders.

There's two very difficult away games to come, and I can just wish the best of luck to Arsenal and Leeds. For the record I don't think United will score in Munich, Bayern are as tight as a ducks arse at home, even if they're not that good overall. A typical German side, and Effenberg will be playing as well. I will say however I think the comments made by certain Bayern players are well out of order, they tried the same thing against Arsenal as well. In fact I hope united beat them 10-0 away.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Be a Gooner for a Day

Southampton have launched a campaign for this sundays FA Cup Semi Final, after a certain manager left them in the lurch the Saints produced a T-Shirt, "Saints Say, Be A Gooner for the Day". I noticed a few at the Southampton v Ipswich game on Monday and apparently hunderds have been sold from the So'ton club shop. I like it :)

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All Things Footie | Wednesday, April 4 | Jordan

Biding my time

I'm not going to say anything too inflammatory before tonights games, I will go so far as to say I thought Cole had a 'mare last night. I did only see the first half but he looked about as sharp as a loofah. I bet at times Ferguson would have killed for a Batistuta, an Henry or even a Marcus Stewart (no disrespect to Mr Stewart there, I mean it as a compliment).

Just a quick good luck to Leeds and Arsenal tonight, someones got to keep Englands reputation up in Europe :)

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All Things Footie | Tuesday, April 3 | Jordan

Oi Fa, listen to this

An idea thought up by the soon to be All Things Footie columnist 'Calypso Kid' is for a 'Senior Player of the Year' award. To go with the Young Player and Player of the year awards given out each year by the FA and PFA. For now I think I'm going to set it up as an ATF award, I'll try and get the result through to the player concerned as well. I'm going to set up an online petition too which I'll submit to the FA.

How do I participate? I hear you cry. Just head on over to the forum and nominate some players for Senior Player of the Year (for England only) and I'll do a poll to decide between the most nominated ones (if that makes sense). I'll also set up a vote for other player of the year type awards.

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All Things Footie | Monday, April 2 | Jordan

4-Aways monthy results are in

For the second month running I've run away with the title. I think that it may have something to do with the fact that I'm the only one to enter each week. See how you did this week here and how you finished this month here. I've also uploaded the new fixture list for next week.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Mistake? no...

This is a good one. I've just noticed that on every page on the site I spelt 'World' as 'Wold' in the little information bit at the bottom of the main part. If anyone noticed then why didn't you tell me you buggers, if you didn't notice then it'll teach you to be more vigilant in future.

New stuff again

A new feature will be appearing very soon on the site which will give it a more diverse feel. The rants section is being 'expanded' to include columns (that's what I'm calling them when I want to sound more professional) from people other than myself. The first edition to the writing staff (another term to make the whole thing sound fancy) is a supporter of the multi-lingual, Harrods dwelling, big spending, low winning quarter of London's contribution to the Premiership. Just in case you're lost, I mean Chelsea. It's quite possible (nay probable) I may include more such 'outside' contributions so if anyone feels like they have something to say (that's a bit longer than a few sentences) then just mail me and I'll have a look.

A nod to a Charlton full-back

Just a little note to say respect to Chris Powell for his 'R.I.P Rocky' T-Shirt he displayed at the end of the Charlton v Leicester game today. I take back anything nasty I've ever said about him but I still think Ashley Cole is better :) and well done to the gunners for giving Rocky a send-off he'd be happy with, how ironic that the first goal was scored by our no 7.

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