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All Things Footie | Saturday, March 31 | Jordan

A sad day

Although it would be sweet for Arsenal to stuff Spurs today, I think it's all put into perspective with the sad passing of David Rocastle last night, after his battle with cancer. He was a fine player and a great servant to the club, in his nine years with Arsenal football club he made a total of 277 league appearances and won 14 international caps with England. At the incredibly young age of 33 it is a shock as well as a tragedy that such a young and talented mans life has been taken.

Rocky we salute you

David Rocastle

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

What, a new section I hear you say?

He's only gone and added a brand spanking new section. Stuff contains various stuff, the odd link here, file there, just...... stuff really. Any cool things that I find or are sent by you lot will be tucked away in there, its sort of a spare room really. For chucking all the loose ends in that there are no other place for. Anyway, enough rabid mumbling, enjoy.

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All Things Footie | | Jordan

Blogger..... Works?

This should look just like all the other daily post items and is powered by Blogger, meaning I can update all things footie wherever and whenever I want, so long as I have access to the internet obviously. Lets just hope this works.....

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