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All Things Footie | Sunday, May 14 | Jordan

Thought for the day

I'm busier than a good looking rabbit in mating season, so I'm going to be brief (better than nothing at all? Maybe).

UEFA are urging Arsenal/Barca fans without a ticket not to travel to Paris; the article interestingly brings up th fact that of the 77,000 tickets released for the game, 16,000 have gone on sale to the public, and Arsenal and Barca have 15,000 each. Hold on a minute … 77,000 tickets + 30,000 to clubs + 16,000 to public leaves 30,000 tickets unaccounted for.

Here's a hint UEFA:


And for God's sake, don't compound the sad state of affairs you've slumped in to by urging said 'real' fans that will be travelling without tickets to soak up the atmosphere/spend a fortune buying from touts, not to do so.

P.S. I will be travelling to Paris, but I don't have a ticket, so anyone who wants to donate one will be my bestest friend forever.

On another note, I felt desperately sorry for West Ham yesterday, they didn't deserve to lose that game in the slightest. While all the headlines this morning are about Steven Gerrard (and there's no doubting he put in a colossal performance yesterday), I'd like to say a couple of words about Nigel Reo-Coker. I've been keeping my eye on him all season, after he caught my eye playing for Wimbledon when he was younger, and his immense performance yesterday coupled with being consistenly top class all season has convinced me that he's capable of playing at a very high level. With both Arsenal and Manchester United lacking in central midfield, don't be surprised if the lad is with one of them come the start of next season. I know what you're thinking though: West Ham? Developing a good player and then selling him? Never!

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# Posted by Blogger the saint at 4:39 AM
>West Ham? Developing a good player and then selling him? Never!


all the best, looking for tickets!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 5:29 AM
Isn't whoring it like bitches to suited tossers the raison d'etre of UEFA, FIFA, FARTFA, et al.?
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:28 AM
On another note, I felt desperately sorry for West Ham yesterday, they didn't deserve to lose that game in the slightest.

Kinda like last years final!

I don't like Reo-Coker, I love him! No diamonds and bling for that boy football football football
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 4:24 PM
Jordan, this one is just for you my little goon

Don't cry too much, there's always next year. Wait without Henry, oh well, a midtable position for the Arse.

# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 4:25 PM
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