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All Things Footie | Monday, March 20 | Jordan

A change is gonna come

Once more, it’s refreshing to see Jose Mourinho gracious in defeat; after (for once) a ref and a linesman getting a crucial and difficult decision correct, all Moanrinho had to say was:

“It’s a handball so it’s not a goal and the decision is correct.

“What is not correct is the referee didn’t see and allows the goal, the linesman didn’t see but after pressure by Fulham they changed their decision.”

I’m not entirely sure what he’s trying to say there? Apart from “the decision didn’t go my way so I’ll have a moan”. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in the mantra show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser, but there’s a difference between being a good loser, and being a gracious loser. From what I heard and read, Chelsea were quite rightly beaten; and I think that more concentration on their own faults (no creativity, shit forwards, over-reliance on two players) and less on the dull, paranoid fantasy of a growing conspiracy against them, and the general populous may not hate them quite as much as everyone seems to. It’d also help if they weren’t bankrolled by corrupt Russian oil money and dull as ditchwater to watch, but that’s just an aside.

One of Chelsea’s main insecurities (and one that I’m sure wrangles with that bottom-feeding, power-hungry, big-head Peter Kenyon) is that they’re excluded from the G14 group of Europe’s most powerful clubs; whose attentions are interestingly elsewhere….

To those who are not aware, there’s a court case going on in Belgium at the moment, where Sporting Charleoi are suing FIFA after their Moroccan player Abdelmajid Oulmers was injured while on International duty with Morocco (playing Burkina Faso in a friendly). Any regular readers will know my thoughts on International football, and making international associations a little more accountable would be a welcome change for me. I’m not interested in the slightest in International football, it bores me, it’s of a lower level that top club football, and it proves nothing.

To save you all a lot of reading, the case is essentially asking whether National associations should continue to have their ‘answer to no one’ control over players’ availability. Should they still be able to call on a player for a meaningless and tiring friendly half way around the world, then return them to their employer unable to work and be totally unaccountable for what happened under their supervision? In my opinion, they absolutely should not. In season friendlies are stupid, and pointless; moreso when the international manager in question insists on using 11 half time subs.

Whatever happens with it, it’ll be interesting to watch it progress—particularly with fellow G14 member, and French Champions, Lyon filing a similar lawsuit. It could have as much impact on football as the Bosman ruling, and it’ll certainly alter how International football works; something that’s needed an overhaul for a long time.

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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:50 AM
Jordan mate, u have a serious problem with Chelsea! Arsenal are'nt that rosey themselves and I bet you most tycoons that run footie clubs arent in it for the game.

International football, I think, is just the pinnacle of the game (tradition, different footballing styles, the passion - minus the racism and bigotry -). Watching countries put out their best 11 is far more interesting than club football, a part of the game where loyalty is governmed by a paycheck. Doesnt it make u a tad sceptical when Figo or Ronaldo switches Barca for Real. How about Sol moving from Spurs to the Arsenal?

# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 8:40 AM
BTW I don't know why you're siding with the top clubs on this one. Its seems like another Bosman where the lower levels of the game will suffer. Would u imagine it if a player like Samuel Etto was injured for Cameroon or how about Mido for Egypt. Do u honestly believe they can recompense one penny for say a ten month injury considering the insane wages they are on? I am really anti-the Bosman ruling and against the big clubs on this. Before the Bosman ruling local clubs were forced to develop local talent and the game was far more egalitarian. Teams like Ipswich, Gothenburg, Red Star Belgrade etc. all won major European honours, do u think they can now with the way European football is going? Today's talent that would have won those major trophies for smaller clubs would see themselves in the richer clubs just further establishing an elite group of leagues. That being said on the itnernational level we have seen some major improvements in lesser teams eg. Turkey, greece, Korea, Japan, Nigeria etc. as their players can nwo player in the bigger leagues and get more experience. Still doesnt develop the local leagues where the game is played week in, week out...

Though I have to eat my words a bit considering CSKA won the UEFA cup last year and two Romanian clubs contest this year's quarters, still an exception to the rule.

# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 4:43 PM
Do you seriously believe that the players have no financial incentive for playing internationally? How about the many players how have shopped their citizenship just looking for an international game? It's self-delusion to think there isn't a huge profit motive in the international game (Sepp Blatter doesn't tool around on a Vespa).

Sure the g-14 are greedy gits, but it's not as if the FA officials around the globe are saints devoted the game, they just don't have the revenue stream of the more "developed" nations.

I've often wondered what the players actually feel about the system, patroitic pablum aside. Surely there must be some resentment of some yahoo have the ability to say "No rest for you mate, we 've got a game in Djibouti on the Wednesday"?

Maybe that's just my pathological distaste for suited tossers coming through.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:01 AM
"How about the many players how have shopped their citizenship just looking for an international game?"

Come on mate! Who would'nt! I would, just imagine you have the talents of Giggs but you're stuck with poncy Wales. Hey, I would sell out and play for Portugal any day. Hec why did Deco ever change to Portugal considering he would have made the Brazil team.

# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:43 PM
luogo interessante, soddisfare interessante, buon!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11:01 PM
Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:17 PM
E evidente che il luogo e stato fatto dalla persona che realmente conosce il mestiere!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11:12 PM
luogo interessante, soddisfare interessante, buon!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 4:28 PM
Lo trovo piuttosto impressionante. Lavoro grande fatto..)
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 8:38 AM
Stupore! ho una sensibilit� molto buona circa il vostro luogo!!!!
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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:06 PM
9 su 10! Ottenerlo! Siete buoni!
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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9:41 AM
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L'information interessante que vous avez! I'am allant revenir bientot.
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Du musst ein Fachmann sein - wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:12 PM
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Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!
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