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All Things Footie | Monday, February 27 | Jordan

Boring, boring England

For fear of being accused that I only write things after a good Arsenal performance, I left it quiet from last Tuesday on. That’s the reason. Honest.

It would be easy to come to the conclusion that I’ve not enjoyed the 2005/2006 Premiership season so far because the team I support have not been particularly successful in all but European Competitions; but you’d be (at least partially) wrong. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seasons in the past when my least favourite team won an unprecedented treble, and when I’ve watched my second least favourite team win a quadruple (including beating my team in the Cup Final). I’d never have made it to 1998 a football fan if my teams fortunes and petty jealousy governed whether I enjoyed the game. No. The reason I’ve not enjoyed this season is because I’ve watched the league I love turn into a collection of hapless Bolton impersonators. Just when the Premiership had established itself as the best league in the world—in my and plenty of others’ eyes—highly technical, fast-paced and flowing football have been replaced by big lump strikers, cloggers at the back and defenders moving into midfield.

It used to be that when midfielders ran out of steam they moved into defence—Lothar Mattheüs, Frank Rijkaard and Marcel Desailly spring instantly to mind—now we’re seeing defenders being pushed into midfield roles as managers and teams become so terrified of losing they’d do anything to try and shut up shop. Media and fan pressure for success at all costs has lead to managers selecting more and more conservative lineups and it’s the norm for at least three Premiership matches to finish goal-less. The single thing that’s always attracted me—and I’m sure countless others—to football is daring, flair and goals. There’s a reason people all over the World remember Maradona, Ardiles, Cruyff, Zola, Gascoigne and Best rather than Monti, Jansen, Wise and Crerand; everyone loves attacking football, it draws crowds and keeps people interested, it’s what it’s all about.

Twice this season I’ve seen half empty grounds in cup semi-finals and big games, fans aren’t interested in watching multi-millionaire footballers hoof the ball upfield and chase it in packs like a sunday league team. I’m all for passionate players who cover every blade of grass and work their socks off, but they’ve got to be balanced by genuine talents who entertain and thrill crowds. At present the balance is heavily tipped towards first division style players, water-carriers who four/five years ago wouldn’t have gotten a look in, as teams tried to emulate United and Arsenal, playing fluid, attacking football.

I’m sick to the back teeth of watching players like Reyes and Ronaldo being kicked all over the pitch and hearing commentators say that they need to ‘get used to it’. Why should they get used to being fouled? Shouldn’t referees start acting against the kind of tackles thrown around lately by Essien, Flamini and the whole Bolton squad? The lenience shown by referees over the last few years towards horrible, horribile tackles (only made worse by laughable ‘clamp downs’ on dissent) has helped to create the situation we find ourselves in, where the common response to someone being hacked down at the knees is essentially ‘get up you foreign pansy’.

Don’t get me wrong, England has always hosted a physical league, where you have to hold your own and work on your strength and balance, but it’s getting ridiculous now. The practical upshot has been that less and less flair players are seeing any joy, more and more players are being seriously injured and spending weeks or months on the sidelines every season, and the only players left are those who kick and fight back.

The Premiership has turned into a league full of cloggers; full of big, thick, elbow-happy forwards and defenders who rely on being stronger or dirtier rather than positionally astute. Midfielders who do well because they can toe-poke a ball from thirty yards very, very hard and run about eight miles a game rather than because they’re cunning and skillful footballers. In the very recent past, the Premiership showcased flair and talent, each game was about who could out think and out pass the other—we regularly saw three or more strikers starting games; now it’s about who can stay fit and who’s got the biggest, strongest one-man up front. Football is more fun if it’s about winning and goals, rather than trying not to lose and playing 4-5-1; particularly at the top of the league.

Maybe seeing what’s happened to Leeds, Southampton and West Ham (who have, along with Wigan, been one of the shining lights of attacking football this season) over the last few years has put the frighteners on teams, or maybe people see Chelsea’s success while impersonating Bolton and think that winning things with dull, souless teams is better than not winning things at all.

I disagree.

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# Posted by Anonymous pete_afc at 6:33 PM
"Midfielders who do well because they can toe-poke a ball from thirty yards very, very hard and run about eight miles a game rather than because they’re cunning and skillful footballers."

oh come on! enough of the gerrard hating. he's the f'kin man!
# Posted by Anonymous pete_afc at 6:38 PM
play to your strengths. how many times a game due you see a corner headed out loose infront of the area. when it happens, who would you rather see on the end of it, a midfielder who can run past people (reyes/joe cole) or someone with a brilliant long-range strike (lampard/gerrard) that you'd bet your bottom dollar on to stick it away?

re: 4-5-1. cole/robben/duff, etc, are wingers and practically play as forwards, so you could argue it's 4-3-3.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 10:13 AM
Who said anything about Gerrard?
# Posted by Anonymous pete_afc at 2:53 PM
your general dislike of stevie g is well-known to me ;)
# Posted by Anonymous Arsenal Fan at 7:18 PM
Skillful or not some teams just don't like each other and that brings bad tackles with it. If you're a good manager you would exploit this whenever possible. Reyes, Pires, Kewell and Garcia are all good examples of this.
I hate Chelsea deep down but you simply cannot compare them to Bolton. Chelsea's record is due to having 2 or 3 world class players in every position. They can play anyway they want and still win games.
# Posted by Blogger BCN at 12:24 PM
Yesterday I was watching Barca vs Chelsea and was asked by Spaniards why English teams, although more industrious, don't have so much skill and flair. I explained that if a young player tried to play that way in the Prem, he'd find himself on the injury list far too often for it to be worthwhile. Prem ref's should be instructed to apply the rules just as the European ref's do. That'd improve the quality of games in the Prem, and remove the disadvantage that our top sides and national side suffer from because they make tackles that are permitted in the Prem but are considered fouls on the continent.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:35 AM
I agree with u Ben. But I wouldnt technically say that Chelsea are an Englsih team. If your Spaniards mates complained about Chelsea just tell them the fact that Chelsea play max 3 English players at any one time (well 4 if u include Duff as a British type player). Its Jose's fault who built a team that can win the premiership (he bought physical players across the pitch) but can't do that well in Europe. Arsenal players like Reyes and Henry just get chopped down and Jose knew it and Rafa knows it as well, thats why he bought Crouch.

Its funny teams like Tottenham and Man United are more of a British team but do at the same time pass the ball about. But I agree its the ethos of the prem league that sees itself straight from England youth teams to the national team.

# Posted by Blogger Ed Bearryman at 9:18 AM
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# Posted by Anonymous pete_afc at 6:09 PM
"Its Jose's fault who built a team that can win the premiership (he bought physical players across the pitch) but can't do that well in Europe."

nonsense. i'd say ranieri built 95% of that squad. to say they can't do that well in europe is also ridiculous - they have probably been the best overall team in europe for the last 3 seasons (i wouldn't call 2 semi finals and losing to barca below par). lets not forget it was del horno's sending off which arguably cost them the tie.

anyway, lets have something on the arsenal game!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:25 AM
Ricardo Carvalho, Asier Del Horno, Paulo Ferreira, Lassana Diarra, Maniche, Didier Drogba, Essien are all Morinho buys. All are not what you would call attacking players. Drogba, who is a striker, is more of a physical premiership striker.

Honestly with the money at his disposal the players he brought in cannot be compared to the Barca team that played them. Sure overall its a strong team but as a squad they are weaker than Milan and Barca. If Chelsea want to go beyond that Semi-final stage they have to match Milan or Barca.

I dunno why Pete you would think Chelsea are not physical, they simply are. Arsenal are not, and thats why they fell against Bolton, Blackburn, and Everton.The trick and the true shrewdness of a manager is not winning the premiership but building a squad that can rotate and win both the premiership and champions league, apart from Man United no has been able to do that. Its an issue of balance and Morinho's team edge towards a hard working physical team, a bit too English, minus the England players.

As for the Arsenal V Madrid match, well I thought Arsenal competed and were overall the better team, even with some luck. Flamini showed lack of experience with the silly fouls he gave away. What amazed me is how the make shift defence held. Against Barca or Milan they will be exposed for lack of experience, they better wish they draw Villareal or or even Juve - they were lucky to go through and showed signs of weakness against Bremen.

# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 1:53 PM
Ranieri built 95% of that squad? Are you talking about the current Chelsea? I think you have to look at the roster one more time.
Yes Chelsea is sub-par at best! For a club that spents over 100 million each year on players you bet your a$$ Roman is not satisfied.
Del horno's sending off is a laughable excuse. Are you chosing to forget his studs up tackle on the knee of Messi 2 minutes prior? All Chelsea had to do was score a goal and they simpy could not.
# Posted by Anonymous pete_afc at 6:15 PM
my bad, i forgot about carvalho, essien and maniche (although he don't really play).

what i meant was the main star players were all brought / developed by ranieri (cech, terry, gallas, lampard, makelele, robben, cole, duff, crespo, gudjonson.

i don't think the special one has bought anywhere near as good players as ranieri bought to the club. tiago was a flop, drogba isn't good enough and i've always been suspect of carvalho.

that said, they beat milan pre-season and did lose to the best team in the competition, so i think they're more than capable of winning the CL.
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