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All Things Footie | Friday, January 6 | Jordan

30 Days is a Long Time

And one of my few new years resolutions is to get back to updating ATF more often than I’ve managed in 2006. I was going to start with a review of 2006, but that’s a cheap way of filling space given that I’ve made most of my feelings clear over the course of the season. I could also do the customary ‘half time’ report, but seeing as we all know what’s going to happen in the Premiership this season, and that short of a miracle, no English team will win the Champions League, that’d be quite a dull piece too.

So instead I’m going to discuss something more controversial than it should be, that I’m sure will encourage a great deal of debate … to say the least: Soccer AM’s latest DVD.

The concept of the ‘ten greatest players of the last ten years’ is a great one, and would give the most agreeable of fans something to argue about—but like the bewildering ‘Soccer AM top ten goals of all time’ DVD, I just can’t see where Lovejoy and the gang are coming from. Here’s their selection:

While some are simple inarguable—Zidane, Ronaldo and Thierry Henry—some are just plain unbelievable. Paul Gascoigne? His last moment of greatness was in 1996, and that was nearly 9 years ago. He has not, by any stretch of the imagination, by any measure or reasoning, been one of the ten greatest players of the last ten years. Full stop. I’m having no arguing on that one, it’s a fact.

Wayne Rooney has only been doing anything really special over the last 2 years at best, and while he’s beyond doubt a class act (on the pitch anyway), over the last ten years there are players who’ve won more than him and played just as well.

Alan Shearer is a tricky one, as he’s the most prolific striker the Premiership has ever seen. That said, he’s not been at his very best for a large part of the last ten years, and in that time he’s won nothing at all for club or country. I should make it clear at this point that I’m not an advocate of the ‘he’s good because he’s won a lot’ or he’s ‘not good because he hasn’t won anything’, I just think that Alan Shearer hasn’t been pushed enough as a player to be able to stand up there as one of the greats. In the same way that Matt le Tissier’s loyalty will go on to let his legacy down, Shearer’s determination to win something with an otherwise poor team will mean that he’ll never be an all time great. Last ten years is more subjective, but when there are strikers around who’ve scored as many—if not more—goals and who’ve won a bucketload of trophies too, he’s got to take a back seat.

So wihtout further ado, here are my top ten players of the last ten years, in alphabetical order:

Cafu: maybe the fittest player of all time (and no, not that kind of ‘fit’, kids), the first footballer to play in three World Cup finals (winning two), over 130 caps for his country, two Copa America’s, two Scudettos, two Copa Libertadores and a Brazillian league. The best in his position in Europe consistently for the last ten years, without a doubt. He’d still get into nearly all teams in the World, and five years ago there would have been no question. A fabulous footballer and a great, dedicated professional.

Marcel Desailly was a giant of a player, with over 100 International caps, a World Cup, European Championship, two European Cups, two Scudettos and an FA Cup Winners Medal, he was an integral part of every team he played for; and for good reason. Versatile, strong and a monster of a man, he was intimidating but clever and subtle on the ball. There have been few better or more accomplished at Desailly’s job.

Thierry Henry. Consistently brilliant and brilliantly consistent. He’s a scorer of great goals as well as being a great scorer of goals. Cosecutive Golden Boots, consecutive player of the year awards in the Premiership, a World Cup winners medal and a European Championship winners medal, a pair of Premierships and a hat-trick of FA Cups; he’s nothing short of a phenomenon. If you put together a compilation of Henry’s best goals in any given season it would outshine career highlights from all of his contemporaries. A no-brainer inclusion.

Roy Keane: a straight up choice between Keane and Vieira, and it was as tight as any decision can be. Keane has a European Cup winners medal, and has been unnaturally consistent over the last ten years; Vieira has World Cup and European Championship winners medals, but on the domestic front, he’s just not been as influential as Keane. They’re both two of the best midfielders that the English game has ever seen, but Keane just edges it.

Paolo Maldini, for consistency, brilliance, leadership and loyalty. A Rossonieri since 1985 and Italy’s most capped player of all time, he’s been one of the truly outstanding players, worldwide, for nearly twenty years, never mind ten. In the last decade alone he’s won three Scudettos (four more before then) and the Champions League (three more before then). With only International honours out of reach, Maldini has pretty much done it all, and with style. Easy decision to include him, and I can’t believe he wasn’t in the Soccer AM list, I really can’t.

Raúl González is never given the credit he deserves as one of Europe’s greatest strikers. He may have spent his whole career at one of the most hideously corrupt and vile clubs in the World, but you just can’t argue with his record over the last decade: four La Liga trophies, three Champions League winners medals, top goalscorer for his club, country and the Champions League. He’s a goal machine if ever there was one—he’s Shearer but with a boat-load of trophies.

Ronaldo; Oh! The ecstasy and the agony of Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. I remember watching him for the first time and thinking that he was easily head and shoulders above any player I’d ever seen, the greatest of all time surely—if he kept it up. Then came the injuries, and the debacle at the 1998 World Cup, and it all spiralled downhill from there. He’s picked himself up a little since then, but he’s not the player he once was. World Player of the Year thrice, two World Cups and a golden boot, two Copa Americas, a UEFA Cup and (surprisingly) only one club leage honour—with Real Madrid in 2003. This boy could have been the best, if only the vile hands of marketing and advertising hadn’t ruined him. The story of Ronaldo’s rise and fall is the very epitome of everything that was wrong with the football ‘boom’ of 1996-2002. All that said, even now he’s one of the best forwards in the World.

Peter Schmeichel, the best goalkeeper of all time. There’s inevitably going to be a little English football bias in this list, I am English after all, but of all the truly special players I’ve seen, Schmeichel is up there—albeit having a different impact to someone like Ronaldo. Three Premierships (plus two earlier) and two FA Cups (one more earlier) along with the ever elusive Champions League mean that his trophy cabinet bulged as much as any goalkeeper; but add on to the fact that he didn’t just keep goal for a team that wasn’t ever challenged, but for a team in the most competitive and fast paced league in the world, and his actual performances as much as his achievements make him a certain choice for me. A great shot-stopper, a great leader, and with a fantastic technical side to his game in positioning and distribution; he simply has no rival. The last decade has been blessed to see both Schmeichel and Seaman on top of their games, and this would normally be a choice between them, but Schmeichel’s acheivements edge him ahead.

Andriy Shevchenko. To be a consistent goalscorer in Serie A, you have to be deadly, and Shevchenko is most certainly that. He’s only got a handful of trophies (relative to the other players here anyway, he has one Scudetto and one Champions League, oh, and five Ukranian League titles), but if you can find me a manager anywhere in Europe that wouldn’t take him at the drop of a hat, I’ll show you a man in denial. He’s probably the most deadly striker I’ve ever seen, with an immense physical presence and a thunderous shot. There’s not really much to say about Shevchenko, he’s not a subtle player, he doesn’t have hidden faucets to his game, he’s just a goal machine.

Zinedine Zidane—even the alphabet respects Zidane, ensuring that the best is left until last. The greatest player of the last ten years without a doubt, he’s won just about everything and dazzled the World along the way. He’s prolific (for a midfielder) but a big team player; he’s strong and physical, but breathtakingly subtle and quick with his feet. I’ve never seen any player have the ball under a spell as Zidane does, as if there’s an unbreakable string of elastic between his instep and the ball, it’s quite mesmerising. He’s had some of his best games in big games too; the World Cup Final, the European Cup Final (v Beyer Leverkusen, where he scored the best goal I’ve ever seen in a European Cup Final). He’s peerless, a true legend.

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# Posted by Anonymous Ben at 12:33 PM
I would go Bergkamp over Raul, simply because Bergkamp was the first of the great foreign influences on the Premier League. And because of THAT goal in the World Cup. And because of all the other goals that can be called THAT goal.
# Posted by Anonymous Michael at 3:26 PM
Comparing your list with Soccer AM's shows us where they were coming from, I think. Six of theirs are Premiership players and they have more of the marketing favourites. It's about selling DVDs, I suppose.

Loved your paragraph on Zidane, by the way, it was almost poetic.
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 6:34 AM
A list that shows careful consideration (he had a whole month, fer chrissakes), and is difficult to argue. Nonetheless, I must say I have never be really sold on Ronaldo. If we're talking hype, FIFA World player of the year is spin central, and considering the club teams he's played for, the honors list in that regard is rather thin.

Finally, you can call me a pedant, but he never played in 1994, so that really doesn't count in the World Cup winner ranks
# Posted by Anonymous Nate at 10:25 AM
For me, the striking difference between the lists is that the Soccer Am only includes players that operate in the final third of the field, all attacking players, I guess for DVD this is to keep it more exciting etc. Whereas I think your list Jord, pays a lot more attention to football as a team sport, the fact that you have a goalkeeper says it all. Quite typical really, just trying to shift sales as opposed to taking an in depth look at the players that have really made a difference over the last decade irrespective of position.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 6:53 PM
My 10 cents:

Del Piero
Roberto Carlos
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 9:59 AM
Interesting list Pete.

I loev Del Piero, but it's like including Robbie Fowler. He's only really had two/three great seasons. Same goes for Nedved.

Ronaldinho's more controversial I suppose. He's an entertainer, but I don't see that he's actually done that much.

Beckham I agonised about, as he's had a massive impact on football over the last decade, but I just couldn't drop any of my list for him :)


Scherzbit: Ronaldo may not have played in 1994, but he has got a winners medal. Which -- call me a pedant -- makes him a 1994 world cup winner ;)

He's the best all round forward I've ever seen, and most of the last ten years of football have revolved around him in one way or the other. He's the most naturally gifted footballer Brazil has produced in the last decade. It's all just such a shame that everything got screwed up along the way.
# Posted by Anonymous Tony at 2:33 PM
Please no more Beckham. Seriously..mediocrity shouldn't be celebrated. He has one foot that is better than average, that's it!
How anyone could exclude Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos is beyond me.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 6:35 PM
Scherzbit: i recently finished reading Bobby Robson's Autobiography - an Englishman Abroad. it was a really good read and i definately recommend it, but perhaps the most interesting, and relevant point, to this is Robson rated Ronaldo as the best player he's EVER coached, and that's a list which includes the talent of Romario, Lineker, Bryan Robson, Gascoigne and many other greats.

Ronaldo's first season in Spain (for Barcelona) was something of legend - 33 goals in just 38 games. Robson's exact words were "As good as Pele and I cannot go any higher than that."

Already 3 world cup finals and won 2. favourite to win it again this year.

Never sold? Come on ;)
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 6:46 PM
Fair point on Nedved and Del Piero. In hindsight I would say Raul was more deserving than either of those.

Ronaldinho's more controversial I suppose. He's an entertainer, but I don't see that he's actually done that much.

"Ronaldinho is my successor" - Diego Maradona.

An Argie writing that about a boy from Brazil? Wouldn't be without good cause.

As much as I admire Henry, I have to concede that Ronaldinho is without doubt the most consistantly entertaining footballer (whilst delivering the all important end-product) around today. I used to live with a load of French guys* at Uni so come the 2002 World Cup, they knew all about him from his days at PSG and weren't at all surprised at how "little Ronaldo" went on dazzle on the world stage.

World Cup
South American Cup
World Footballer of the Year (x2)
European Footballer of the Year
La Liga Title

and a whole load of other stuff including that 4-1 drubbing of a fancied Argentina side in Germany last year.

He's more deserving of the list than the great Dane.

* They otherwise kept bloody quiet all through France's miserable campaign :D
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 11:29 AM
re: the great Dane:

We've had the priviledge to see probably the greatest goalkeeper of all time over the last ten years. There are few players on that list that you could say were the greatest player in their position of all time. He deserves his place.

"Ronaldinho is my successor" - Diego Maradona.

And Diego is of sound mind and body, eh?

Please no more Beckham. Seriously..mediocrity shouldn't be celebrated. He has one foot that is better than average, that's it!
How anyone could exclude Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos is beyond me.

Beckham is the best crosser of the ball I've ever seen. His technique is totally unique and right from the age of about 17 he's stood out as an exceptional player. He's not on my list, because there are more deserving candidates, but he is a special player, and he never gets the recognition he deserves.

As for Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos: With the exception of his 'Nike' World Footballer of the Yeat awards and a lot of commercials, he's done fuck all. All of this 'effective' shit is nonsense. He does most of his tricks in the middle of the park where there's no risk or the ability to waste an opportunity. He does score goals, yes, but not that many (not as many as Robert Pires usually manages) and his assist rate is similarly poor.

He is entertaining, but he's most certainly not one of the greats at the moment. He's got a lot to prove -- and I don't mean prove in adverts with CG balls and sound effects.

Roberto Carlos is an achiever, but I've always thought he's overrated. His defensive abilities are suspect to say the least -- his positioning is poor, his tackling dodgy at best and needless to say he's awful in the air. He's great going forward, and he takes a good free kick (1 in 50 anyway) but he's not actually that good at his real job.
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 2:30 AM
Oh, he got a medal, eh? I thought we were discussing achievements, not accounting. Otherwise, why wasn't Franck LeBouef considered? He actually saw some time.

Why would Bobby Robson opinion sway me?

33 goals and what did Barca win? Squonce.

My point? Ronaldo doesn't transform a team. Brazil won without him in 94, and probably would have won without him in 02 (ask England who broke their hearts). And more than a few squads have failed to win with him in the side, and being out a few bob for it.
# Posted by Anonymous Kesky at 1:26 PM
They would have won without him in 02? Why, because his cotribution was so poor that he only managed to score eight goals in six games?
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 6:49 PM
"33 goals and what did Barca win? Squonce."

it was the 2nd most successful season in the club's history.

they won 3 cups, finished 2nd in the league they would've won if not for injuries and ronaldo having to fly to brazil.
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 1:42 AM
"it was the 2nd most successful season in the club's history."

A rather sad statement for a club of Barca's stature: some milk cups and finishing as first loser.

"the league they would've won," but didn't.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 11:55 AM
All I can say is that Zindane and Ronaldo were the first two players on my list, because they were both superhuman and beyond compare in their prime. I've never seen a player anywhere near as balletic as Zindane, and I've never seen a player anywhere near as lethal as Ronaldo.

Ronaldinho is entertaining, but if I had to pick between him and Ronaldo to play for my life, the Little Ronaldo would not be my choice.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 7:07 PM
on a related note, URFA announce the team of the year.

first thing that sprang to my mind: Luis Garcia?!
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 11:20 AM
Luis Garcia, Jose Mourinho, plenty of shite choices in there.

Chelsea only won the English league, and they spent $200m to do that. Was Wenger a shoe in for the award the year before? When he took a team a whole season unbeaten? Was he bollocks.

A complete load of shit.
# Posted by Anonymous argie at 2:33 AM
how can there be no mention of Gabriel Batistuta. Sure the man retired in 2004. But, from 96 to 2002, at least, he was still at his prime. He scored in Argentina's opening games in France and Japan, was a top calcio striker for Fiorentina (Sheva is great but being consistent at Milan is easier than at Fiore), he managed to do well even as a sub at Inter. Come on....he is even better than Raúl but never had the chance of playing for Real Madrid.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 6:48 AM
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