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All Things Footie | Tuesday, December 6 | Jordan

On Chelsea

As this season is clearly about just one team, I thought I’d offer some thoughts.

Shaun Wright-Phillips with wither if he doesn’t start playing regularly. He’s not the kind of player that can sit on the bench and do the business when called on, he needs a proverbial run-up to get the best out of him. Moving to Chelsea may well have been the worst move he’s ever made (footballing wise, not financially).

Frank Lampard must be a robot. How on earth can he go nearly two years without a single injury—particularly when you’re playing in his position? I was thinking last night that were Chelsea to lose him, there’s a good chance they’d fall apart. The defence is unequivocally solid, but not as spectacular as is often made out, nor is their oft-lauded wide attack (as I’m coming too). Drogba is Chris Sutton in disguise, and Gudjonsen will never deliver the goods; Crespo is a different matter but it seems he and Jose aren’t each other’s biggest fans.

Arjen Robben is shit. He arrived in a flurry of wonderful goals, he had a superb couple of months … eighteen months ago. Since then he’s looked no more than average, and that’s being generous. He can’t beat players, his crossing is poor, and his finishing has been weak.

Along with Lampard, Terry is the heartbeat. I can’t really say anything about Terry that hasn’t been said. He’s Chelsea’s Roy Keane, but at the back. I’ve only said anything about him because this can’t be all negative.

Essien is horrible. He’s a decent player, yes, but no better, and he’s put in at least two challenges this season that could finish a player’s career. He’s a disgrace and the fact that he always seems to get away with it makes it worse. How is it that some players always seem to avoid punishment when they’re continually hacking at the opposition, when others get pulled up for doing far less. Essien’s not subtle about it, so it’s not hidden as such, I just can’t work it out.

This Chelsea side tick through one man. Frank Lampard will eclipse both Vieira and Keane if he plays another five years at this level of performance. He’s a wonderful asset to have, but Chelsea are more fragile than they look. They may have tens of millions of pounds on the bench every game, but most of them were ripoffs, and I don’t buy Wenger/Ferguson/Benitez’s excuses that it’s the bench’s that make the difference. It’s not, it’s Frank Lampard.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to say that Chelsea are a one-man team. Man for man, as a squad, they have the best team in the league. But the reason they’re flying ahead of everyone else, is Frank Lampard. His consistency, his goalscoring, his drive.

On a non-Chelsea related note, I’m really liking the look of Liverpool’s Momo Sissoko. He’s tenacious, his distribution is efficient and he’s a quick thinker—perhaps the most important part of being a central midfielder in the Premiership. And finally, Peter Crouch is the worst forward that’s ever worn a Liverpool shirt, he has no redeeming footballing features. His movement is awful, his finishing worse, he’s no pace, his distribution is average at best, he’s awful in the air (both the actual heading and judging where to be). My God, he’s just awful. Seems like a nice bloke though.

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# Posted by Blogger andyrupe at 12:16 AM
So an 'average player who has played ok for a season and is yet to prove anything' is the difference between Chelsea and The Rest now Jord?

Has Lampard Jnr developed that greatly since October or has the Arsenal gaze finally drifted a little West?
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 12:36 AM
He's not necessarily changed at all.

He may well be an average player who is having a couple of exceptional seasons, but right now he's the difference -- no doubt.

For a start, without his goals Chelsea would be in fourth place.
# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 12:43 AM
Has anyone else noticed that while everyone else has been concentrating on catching Chelsea, Liverpool have sneaked in to the top of the league and on the basis of the past few games at least, are looking like a team capable of winning things?

I think Benitez is really starting to work out the premiership now and at the moment they're the only top team looking like they can mount a challenge to Chelsea.

As for Drogba, I can't see why you hate him so much. He does a good job of bringing other players into the game and hes a big strong player whos always a threat in the box. Cappable of creating and scoring goals.
# Posted by Anonymous man at 1:17 AM
"But the reason they’re flying ahead of everyone else, is..." - Jose Mourinho!!!! make no mistake! he's the man!!
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 11:45 AM

Not quite the top of the league are they? Liverpool have a strong central midfield and a couple of good defenders. They've got no-one up front and only one decent winger. No chance of Liverpool doing anything surprising this year I don't think. Any team with Peter Crouch starting needs help.
# Posted by Anonymous Darren at 11:17 PM
Speaking as a gooner there's a lot to be rebuilt about Arsenal at the moment and they have much maturing to do until the next side comes along. So Chelsea have a free go at it this year.

Jordan's right Lampard and Terry's injury freeness is annoyingly good! Break a leg why don't you both!

Don't know what's behind that stat but the fact they can field a full strength side and by that I mean the 5 key men plus 6 others is a key. Arsenal have Cole, Hleb, Clichy out and have missed players including Henry far large portions.
# Posted by Anonymous Nate at 11:54 PM
Hi Jord...

Your summary of Chelsea is pretty sound, but for me you are leaving out one guy. Makelele. He (for me) is the one player that turns them into a more soild team, the only team to play him out of the game this year was Man Utd (i hate to admit) and they got a result against them (was it a draw or win?)

They ensured that V Horsetleroy or Looney was always on his shoulder, leaving chelsea with time to play it about their centre halfs, but rarely getting the ball up the field with much meanace.

Essien - c*unt, horrible, nasty, thug.

Momo Sissoko - I saw him in a friendly in pre-season and said to my L'pool supporting mate, you have a bargain there. I think he can go on to become a real talent, and with Alonso and Gerrard, Liverpool have the look of a promising midfield.

But how does Garcia last so long on the pitch, I have never seen a footballer anywhere (and i play in a terrible league and I am couting the players I play against as well) give the ball away on such a regular basis. He is a nightmare.

I am goona disagree on Crouch, I think he has quality, and lays the ball of well, gets others involved too, I take your point on his finishing, but I will give him til the end of the season before I write him off as a bad'un
# Posted by Anonymous canizares77 at 3:51 AM
I don't know why Pool has so many first team defensive midfielders...Sissoko, Alonso, and Didi Hammann. They could well go on and have a go if they bring in a decent winger come january, but i fink that's where they're lacking now.

I used to like Essien. Thought he was a good midfield runner to complement Lamps and Makelele...but him trying to shatter Didi Hammann's kneecap yesterday? That was just poor...And don't forget he tried to let Ben Haim have a taste of his studs too...
# Posted by Anonymous Nate at 10:52 AM
canizares77, I wouldn't describe Alonso as a Defensive midfielder, he plays that Role when Gerrard is in the team as Gerrard is always bombing forward, but i think he can go forward with the best of them, he never gives the ball away, i think he will develop into an equally important part of Lpool as Gerrard
# Posted by Anonymous Tony at 9:52 PM
One Robben is worth two Duffs! And Holy Sh$t Lampard is far from the best player in the world. The day he carries Chelsea to it's 3rd Domestic and at least 1st CL title then you can add him to the list of 10 others.
# Posted by Anonymous canizares77 at 9:07 AM
Agree with you to some extent Nate, although Gerrard IS in the team about 95% of the time, which probably automatically makes Alonso a defensive midfielder.

Just a random thought; I think in Alonso and Gerrard, Pool have the best passers of the ball in Europe.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 12:37 PM
Alonso is a fantastic passer of the ball. Gerrard is very erratic, and I wouldn't say he's in the top ten passers in the Premiership, let alone Europe.
# Posted by Blogger andyrupe at 2:39 PM
Youve never liked Gerrards passing Jord ... and although i agree that it can be erratic at times it is also exceptional.

Gerrard tries the kinds of pass most players wouldnt, sometimes they come off sometimes not, but that doesnt stop his distribution being excellent. You need players to try things, thats what makes the difference between those right at the top, doing the things you (oppositions) didnt expect.

Having said that he may look a little tardy at times but he is often standing next to 'not so shabby' Alonso while he's doing it and thats enough to make anyone feel a little inferior about their technique.

Oh and whoever pointed out that Mourinho is the man, yup thats fair comment, I notice he was missed off your list though Jord ... your not just avoiding comparisson with a certain pigeon faced, obscure sighted, sweet carrier are you??

And finally ... though i'm sure it would have said lots of things about how great British football is to have all entrants through to the final stages of the CL, its particularly sweet to see Man U being the ones to miss out. I'm starting to become a big fan of this Glazier fellow!
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 7:11 PM
"Gerrard is very erratic, and I wouldn't say he's in the top ten passers in the Premiership"

utter arse. his long balls are not up to beckham's level but very, very good none the less.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 7:13 PM
"Just a random thought; I think in Alonso and Gerrard, Pool have the best passers of the ball in Europe."

they're decent players no doubt, but for me that honour is reserved for zidane and that ugly dude from brazil.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 1:56 AM
I stand by my comment on Gerrard. If people actually paid any attention to the 4-5 passes he gets wrong for every one he gets right, they'd have a different opinion.

It's the Glenn Hoddle 'hollywood ball' syndrome, except this time it's the player's fans that are so busy admiring his big passes they miss the fact that he gets them wrong most of the time.

Gerrards problem is precisely that he thinks he's as good a passer as Beckham, which he isn't. Nowhere near. I'd go so far as to say that when he does get it right over 30+ yards, it's just because the law of averages says he can't ALWAYS get them wrong.

He too often eschews the simple and productive pass for an uneccesary, overly flamboyant ball to someone on the other side of the pitch.
# Posted by Anonymous andrew at 3:19 AM
"And finally, Peter Crouch is the worst forward that’s ever worn a Liverpool shirt, he has no redeeming footballing features. His movement is awful, his finishing worse, he’s no pace, his distribution is average at best, he’s awful in the air (both the actual heading and judging where to be). My God, he’s just awful."

I thought this was a bit harsh at first but after what I saw today I now know you were 100% correct. Liverpool immediately scoring two goals after Crouch came off was no coincidence. He can't even fall down and accidentally draw a penalty which might help his team.
# Posted by Anonymous canizares77 at 6:16 AM
Firstly, you don't expect a guy with his impossible height to be a sprinter, do you?
You can't also expect him to be a Shearer-esque tree trunk innit? Face it, he's waif thin.
He can't even be judged for headers cos he doesn't need to jump; he hops to reach em. So it's different.
He is one of a kind.
For him to get the goals he did last season with the Saints was improbable, but acheived. Pool is hoping he can do it again.

I'm not supporting him though. I think Rafa is daft. With 7 mil quid he could ave signed Andy Johnson and get 20 goals a season.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 1:03 PM
I don't know about one of a kind. There are plenty of people who are six foot 8 and shit at football.
# Posted by Blogger James at 11:40 PM
Have to agree with you, for the most part. Crouch is a disaster. They should have kept Baros. I hope they can sign someone in January.

As for Chelsea, hate the buggers but I'm glad to have Frankie captaining my fantasy squad!
# Posted by Blogger DavidM at 9:08 PM
Lampard is very good and consistent. I don't think he's the spark - Cole and Robben have been that recently - but he and Terry provide a core that gives Chelsea strength for those players to build on.

Saw Robben against Arsenal at the weekend - can't agree he's crap unless he was having a one-off good day.

Liverpool have been a pleasant surprise this year. They've quietly worked their way up the table. Their rebuilding is showing signs of success.

I think Arsenal and Man U are still going through their rebuilding so it's not going to be their year. Next year though?



PS We're looking for fans to blog about football. If anyone is interested they can see more at
# Posted by Anonymous ande at 10:08 AM
At least now Mr Lampard has missed a game, we know that he is not invincible, and with him out it very nearly hindered the blues.
# Posted by Blogger 45eachway at 1:32 AM
Essien got some instant karma from Reo-coker this afternoon (Jan 2nd). To see the tackle visit:
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