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All Things Footie | Friday, November 18 | Jordan

You only sing when you're winning

Jose Mourinho cancels press conference.

No witticisms for the press tomorrow, no cutting remarks about his rivals, no arrogant swagger, no braggy gloating. He’ll be missed. As bad a tantrum thrower as Alex Ferguson - who has problems of his own (making).

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# Posted by Anonymous Kitch at 9:49 AM
All the best Roy.

Great player and single handedly took Utd through the game @ Juventus in 99.
# Posted by Anonymous bex at 7:15 PM
Yes Roy all time great
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:40 PM
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# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 2:49 AM
Keane is not good enough to cut it in a top European team anymore. Maybe a smaller premiership team or a championship team is more suited to his talents these days. Still, it would be great to see him go to Juventus and team up with Viera.
As a person though he was a prick plain and simple. I've heard lots of people argue that "hes just saying what he thinks" or "hes the only person with the balls to tell the truth" but no matter how you look at it he was always an arrogant twat with no respect for any of his fellow players or managers except maybe, ironically, Viera.
# Posted by Blogger andyrupe at 11:31 PM
There's more than one Keane earning a career from football, looking at your second paragraph I can only imagine youve got mixed up which one these comments are about Beefy
# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 11:08 PM
So hes not at all arrogant then? I stand corrected.
This is a man who intentionally tried to end another players career and you say hes not a complete twat.
Just because he was good at football it doesn't give him the right to run to the papers every time something goes slightly wrong to tell the world how shit his team-mates are.
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