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All Things Footie | Tuesday, November 8 | Jordan

The season starts here

This time last year, Arsenal travelled to Old Trafford on the back of a forty-nine game unbeaten run that stretched to the end of the season before the season before. Everyone called them unbeatable, Chelsea were six points adrift, and people talked about the league being over by Christmas. Come the following April, Chelsea were fourteen points clear and Champions of England. A 20 point overhaul over statistically the best and most consistent team England has ever seen, and non statistically, widely regarded as the most entertaining.

On Sunday morning, Chelsea travelled to Manchester with plenty of pundits—just as short-sighted as they were a year ago—proclaiming the league is already over. Chelsea were nine points clear of Wigan, 13 points clear of United, and 14 points clear of a host of other clubs (all with a game in hand on the Champions); end of story, yes?

Today, Chelsea lie six points clear of Wigan, ten clear of United and eleven clear of four others (all with a game in hand), and their previous four games have included three defeats and a draw. I’m getting a serious sense of Déjà Vu. Chelsea should snap out of their bad spell, just like Arsenal should have snapped out of theirs last year—but the great thing about football is that you really do never know.

Could Wigan win the league? If we’re talking stats, then why not? To dismiss them would be sensible, and condescending, but you might end up looking like Mark Lawrenson after predicting England would beat Northern Ireland 4-0 in Belfast. Football really is a funny old game.

Chelsea are a very different kind of team to Arsenal this time last year, they’re not as convincing, or as good, for a start. I’ve heard people say that Chelsea aren’t as fragile as Arsenal were/are, that one win will get their confidence up and get them playing winning football again, but I’m not so sure. There’s no doubt in my mind that this Chelsea team is full of confidence players; Joe Cole without belief (as he’s spent much of the last few seasons) is as useful as a chocolate teapot, and even players like Terry and Lampard only play well when they’re confident not just in themselves, but in their teammates and their manager—it’s why neither of them play particularly well for England. As for Didier Drogba, well, enough said.

I’m not suggesting Chelsea are going to collapse spectacularly and bring joy to the rest of the Premiership, but I do think that this could be the beginning, and not the end, of a significant blip. If not, this period will be the time that Chelsea may finally convince me that when the heat’s on, they have the mettle to stay in the kitchen.

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# Posted by Anonymous Ben at 12:42 PM
Sounds a bit too much like wishful thinking.

The difference between the Arse last year and Chelsea now is that if Chelsea dip, they have a lot more quality in reserve and/or they spend 100 million in January and continue the next half of the season with a new team...

Its all done and dusted, but the real* premiership is from 2nd down...

*The league for teams who can only buy players for reasonable amounts of cash and don't consider the words home-grown/young talent to be dirty.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 6:44 PM
Money can't buy you everything. They could spend £100m in january, but they're more likely to spend it on Drogbas and Joke Holes than John Terrys and Frank Lampards.

People are beginning to think Jose Mourinho is as good as he thinks he is.

Which he isn't.
# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 1:18 AM
Jose Mourinho is a good manager no matter what anyone says. You don't win the Champions League with a club like Porto unless you're a good manager, luck or not.

As for the Drogba bashing that goes on, I don't think hes as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Without him in the Chelsea team there would be no one to hold up the ball and allow players like Lampard to get into the positions they do. To me he seems just as inportant as Makelele in holding the team together.

As for this comment:
"The league for teams who can only buy players for reasonable amounts of cash and don't consider the words home-grown/young talent to be dirty."
Manchester United and Arsenal never complained about the league being unfair when they were the richest clubs and as Newcastle have proven, money doesn't equal success.
Also, most clubs in the premiership have a lot of foreign youngsters in their youth teams. Chelsea are no worse than any of the other big clubs in this respect.

On another note though i'd love to see Wigan win the league :P
# Posted by Anonymous adc at 3:37 AM
Criticism of the Chelsea regime does indeed stink of hypocrisy. But it isn't as much the domination of Chelsea that's hurting the EPL, it's the rapid change towards negative football.

Just how much Chelsea are responsible for this, I don't know - it may just be a coincidence. But a quick comparison of the goals per game in the EPL (2.25) vs. Serie A (2.63) tells it own story. Teams no longer play to win, they play not to lose. And with the financial consequences attached to failure and relegation from the EPL, can you blame them?
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 10:04 AM
you're right and astute to point out that the negativity of Premiership football is a long term problem; but I'm not sure why criticism of Chelsea stinks of hypocrisy...

Arsenal have never been a rich club, they've never spent that much money -- less than most of the rest of the Premiership over the last five or six years (less than Tottenham, Newcastle, Liverpool, United, Chelsea -- even pre Abramovich -- and Middlesbrough). United have spent big, but they've shrewdly made a lot of money from football and marketing, so you can hardly begrudge that. Ditto for Liverpool and Newcastle.

Chelsea are being controlled by a Russian Oil/Steel Baron with dubious ethics and a bank balance that competes with the richest people in the world. They spent more pre-season last year than all the other English clubs (and I actually think all of europe) combined. Being able to spend £200m each year on players, and have no questions to answer when fees go from £10m --> £30m is something no-one's ever had before. If Chelsea want to buy someone, and the player is even half interested in going, it's IMPOSSIBLE for anyone else to sign them. Chelsea can up their fee indefinitely and beat anyone else in the market. As they've shown with Michael Essien and Shaun Wright Phillips, they make it impossible for anyone to compete with them. They can buy players just to stop other clubs buying them.

This has NEVER been the case before, and the complaint is not about them spending a lot of money, it's about them having total financial control over the game in a way no-one's ever had before.

It's worrying, and it could kill football stone-dead if it's not proven to them quickly that money does not buy long-term success.


And Jose Mourinho is overrated. I could win the Prem with infinite monetary resources, and as for winning it with Porto: was Ljubomir Petrovic a good manager? He won the champions league with a team less fancied than Porto.

Porto winning the CL was a freak, he wouldn't win it with them again if he had a thousand more tries.
# Posted by Anonymous ADC at 12:53 PM
So the answer is quite straightforward. Instead of spending the season scouting for new young talent, clubs should be sending representatives to Russia to find their own oligarch.

Seems to have worked to a certain degree for Hearts. Who's next? I can see it now - Vladimir Putin buys Wigan....
# Posted by Anonymous Brian at 1:25 PM
Money has never been the key to success. Look at Inter Milan. Chelsea bought any player that was available whether they fitted into a team or not.
Because a player costs a lot of money does not mean he is any good or suitable for the team eg Veron, Crespo, Muto, Kezman
Buying big usually means big egos who may give the team short term success but want to be in the team irrespective of their form and will be unhappy and will want to leave if out of the team eg Crespo, Robben. Wait for a bust up with either Makelele or Essen.
Mourinho inherited most of the players and used his strong personality to organise the team. This works well when things go well but not when they continue to loose. Expect him to move on within a season or so and Chelsea to become the English Inter Milan – lots of big names but a useless team.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:29 PM
Re Inter Milan see
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 3:54 AM
On Yose Morosenose's record: what team with any real pedigree in europe did Porto actually defeat in the ECL? Man U that year were definitely down, and they barely squeezed past Depor. They drew with Partizan, for God's sake! Like wine, some sporting competitions can have weak years.

It's true Chelsea are not alone in having negative tendencies (most promoted teams act as if they have be sentenced rather promoted), but a time of such resources should bring more to the table. I think the Inter anologue is perfect,especially since Inter's two European Cup wins spread worldwide the deadly fungus that is catenaccio. Is Chelsea the avian flu to Inter's polio? Only time will tell.
# Posted by Anonymous cisko at 12:45 PM
Meh. Porto is yesterday's news. Fact is, Mourhino's in a no-win situation. If Chelsea do well, it's only to be expected given their spending. He gets no credit. But if they falter just a bit, then obviously it's all his fault. =)

It's clear anyway that there's no guarantee that money can buy you championships, look at Real Madrid. Some success, sure, but they can be quite hit or miss.

It will be very interesting to see how well Chelsea hold together in the face of adversity. Even in the good times, they have players who complain about their role in the club. Things only get worse when you start losing. Next step: watch the media turn on Jose, as they always do, once the losses add up a bit.
# Posted by Anonymous ADC at 3:18 AM
Scherzbit -

I don't know from what peace pipe you've been smoking, but I think you're a little off base here. If you're English (and my condolences if you are), ask yourself this question: who would you rather see lead England into the world cup finals - Eriksson or Mourinho?

Kind of a no brainer, isn't it?
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 4:50 AM
Peace pipe? No.

English? No, but not concerned with your condolences regardless.

Eriksson or Mourinho? I'll take the disinterred corpse of Herbert Chapman.

Porto maybe yesterday's news, but it was not I who brought up their record under Yose, I merely responded.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 4:09 PM
2002/2003 - mourinho/porto won the uefa cup
2003/2004 - mourinho/porto won the champions league
2004/2005 - mourinho/chelski won the EPL

yeah.. overrated.. sure...

# Posted by Blogger Martha at 9:02 PM
I agree with Cisko, and I think it's hard to criticize Mourinho until he starts losing. Yes, he's got a massive pile of money and a huge stable to players to go with it, but there's not a lot he can do about that, really. Maybe Abromovich will speak out against Putin, get thrown in prison, and have all of his oil money stripped away - then, when the players walk and Jose can't win a game, everyone can say how right they were. But right now? Let's at least wait until he slips more than once.
# Posted by Blogger maybe.memories at 7:33 AM
True students of the game wouldn't doubt a manager like Mourinho to such an extent. Truth is, most, nay, all of the comments posted lambasting him have probably come from the minds of jealous fans of Liverpool, United or Arsenal.
In the eyes of 'fans' whoever is winning deserves to be shot.
Liverpool fans are perceived to be arrogant and clinging on to their 20-year old European Cup trophies.
Arsenal fans are perceived to be like their manager; undying in their defence that they are the only ones who play 'pure' football.
Man U fans have been hated throughout the past decade for their dominance and are seen as arrogant.
Now Chelsea, one season after winning the League, are being criticised.

Like it or not, Mourinho is an astute manager, a new Andy Roxburgh if you will (in terms of his love of the technical aspects). He has unique philosophies and beliefs and has worked his way up from nothing, never once relying on his 'playing background', unlike other managers.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 3:54 PM
"never once relying on his 'playing background', unlike other managers."

What, like Wenger, Benitez and Ferguson.


Sorry maybe.memories, but you're talking rubbish. People don't hate Chelsea because they're winning, they hate them because they're ruining football. Arsenal have been scouting a dutch player called Dirk Kuit for six months now, Chelsea scouts have never seen him play. Chelsea are 'poised' to make a large bid to buy him -- simply to stop Arsenal buying him. They did the same with Duff/United, and Wright-Phillips/Arsenal. They have more money than every other European Club put together, they now 'own' football. They're spoiling the enjoyment and the hard work of all the other teams because of their shoddy practices (tapping up, etc) and disrespectful attitude.

A common misconception is that Mourinho is charming and witty, when really he's about as charming as a road accident, and his wit is solely derived from cheap insults and arrogance. We've seen recently what a very, very bad loser he can be, and I for one hope that goes on for a long time -- Chelsea have no class, they're players have no class, and their fans are by-and-large a bunch of morons. They're arrogant and pig headed.

Like a tasteless chav who's just won the lottery, they'll buy the house next door just so no one can live there, and Mourinho's perceived charm will soon wear very thin. I wouldn't blame every other club in Europe re-forming their own league and banning chelsea from entering -- the irony there would be that Abramovich and Mourinho would probably enjoy winning their league of 1 every year.
# Posted by Blogger maybe.memories at 2:05 AM
I'm sorry if you thought i came across as a Chelsea supporter. I'm not. I'm a neutral, believe it or not.

I don't agree to what Roman Abramovich is doing; tapping up players and sporting directors (i.e. Arnesen).

Unfortunately I still feel that Mourinho is an extremely good manager. He understands the psychological aspects of the game and being the right hand man of former Holland and England managers at Barca, he's got his tactics spot on.

He only makes arrogant remarks to deflect critcism away from his team, although I have to agree with you to some extent tah the does go overboard now and then.

If he wasn't, why do teams at the bottom of the league start playing in Chelsea's 4-5-1 formation in a bid to survive?

Chelsea football club and its owner want to own football. All I'm saying is that Mourinho doesn't deserve to get hammered for his management skills.

P.S. I remember Sir Alex as a firebrand striker for Falkirk and Aberdeen when he was younger.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 9:53 AM
that's the first time i've ever heard ferguson called a 'firebrand striker' ;-)

I didn't think you were a chelsea supporter by the way.

as for the adoption of tactics, whever a team is successful, others copy their tactics, whoever they are.

As for Mourinho, the only reason he 'protects' his players so much is because he likes to claim credit for what they've done. He'll happily say it was all his work that's made chelsea successful, when it was actually the maturing of Lampard and Terry.
# Posted by Blogger maybe.memories at 7:03 AM
P.S. Wenger played for Strasbourg once in the French "Ligue 1".
# Posted by Anonymous tom at 5:05 PM
rite, lets get this str8, ferguson has spent just as much, or even more on players such as rio 'i shouldnt even be in the england team' ferdinand. the only reason non chelsea fans are saying we bought the league is because 1) other teams are jealous of the money we have, if they had all that money they would not be moaning 2) we have done it in a shorter time period that fergie 3) we are champions and no one likes the new boys. We won the league, we are the best in england, give some credit to the team and management, dont keep moaning about them, at the end of the day, chelsea are the best team in england, the league does not lie, get used to it!
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Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!
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