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All Things Footie | Friday, November 25 | Jordan

I hope they remember me for the football

Rest in Peace George Best. Plenty of people who have been around far longer than I have tell me he's the best player they ever saw—beating Maradona, Pele, Cruyff, even Diego Forlan—and who am I to argue.

It's a terribly sad way for such a bright spark to end up, and rather than just celebrating his magnificent talent, I think there's a lesson for certain groups of young, English footballers to learn in the way he finished his life and playing career.

Black armbands all round tomorrow.

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# Posted by Nate at 2:10 PM
Nice one Jord. Will be heading to his funeral on saturday, they say they are expecting thousands. Was good to see the respect given to him all over the footballing world at the weekend.

Not sure if we will se his like again.
# Posted by BIGJ at 11:19 AM
It was great to see the Man U. game with everyone giving a raucaus applause, instead of the silence. He was a brilliant player
# Posted by Gello at 12:25 PM
Who do we compare Best with today?.Rooney? Henry?. Do they miss training and turn up drunk? No the player like that is Jermane Pennant who everyone would agree is a total prick and waste of time. Woould we admire him if he was playing today because he was a bit of a lad and screwed Miss World and pissed his life up a wall? No we would think he was a total arse. RIP George you plonker
# Posted by Jordan at 2:52 PM
Difference is Jermaine Pennant is pretty shit, wheras George Best has been described by Pele and Johan Cruyff as the best footballer they've seen.

Best wasn't able to cope with the adulation -- think David Beckham's press coverage x 1,000,000 -- and fame that he got, and it got the better of him. His footballing talents though are nigh on unsurpassed.

Rooney would probably be the closest to it but even he seems to be slightly less f*cked up than Best was. And he's not nearly as good.
# Posted by beefy at 6:47 PM
To be honest I don't think Best would cut it in the premiership these days. A lot of people have said how he was the greatest footballer ever and he would walk into any team on the face of the earth blah blah blah but the game has moved on so much that he'd probably be league 1 material at best.
Isn't it wierd that someone can be the biggest prick in the world but when they die they were a great person etc. hes talked up as a great person but the truth is he was a violent, abusive, wasteful drunk with no respect for anybody and if he didnt have the ability to put the ball in the back of a net he wouldn't have a friend in the world.
# Posted by Scherzbit at 2:14 AM
So beefy, you think everyone who says something good about George, as a player or person, is a liar? That's a hell of a list, with some pretty famous names on it.

I wonder what your persoanl experience is with the man? I suspect that you, among others, look at some news articles and decide you know someone, and you don't. George was deeply flawed, as are most humans, but he's hardly Hitler. Or Simon Cowell.

If Michael Owen can be considered a star, George Best would own the Premiership.
# Posted by beefy at 3:23 PM
I don't know where you got the idea that I said everyone who said something good was a liar. You should try reading what i've said before commenting on it.
I'm sure the man had his good points but it annoys me that hes made out to be the greatest man on earth just because he could kick a football better than most.
If you want to base it on personal experience though then what the hell are those thousands of people lining the streets for when most of them have never even met him.
I can't say i didn't expect a grilling for my views on George Best though.
# Posted by andyrupe at 8:15 PM
oh dear oh dear ..... jord what has happened to this site ??

The pick of the above comments for me(and theres a few to choose from!)is the, League 1 at Best comment!!!

Have you people any idea? Have you even seen League 1 football?

I would recommend a replacement post soon Jord b/c this one needs archiving without delay!!

RIP. A true Legend of the game. The one and only Rock n Roll Footballer!
# Posted by Scherzbit at 10:49 PM
Please allow me to quote:

"Isn't it wierd that someone can be the biggest prick in the world, blahblahblah"

The only conclusion one could draw is that anyone not conceding that GB was, in fact, the world's biggest prick is lying about his true nature.

The people on the streets are celebrating the ways which Best moved them, much in the same way you sit in your mum's basement and feel bitter and ignored.

Isn't it weird that some can say a person "had their good points" yet also say "the truth is he was a violent, abusive, wasteful drunk with no respect for anybody and if he didnt have the ability to put the ball in the back of a net he wouldn't have a friend in the world."
# Posted by Anonymous at 2:20 PM
A little andyrupe arrogant I would have thought. Are we to assume that only your views are valid and everyone else should be censored. Dangerous.
# Posted by beefy at 1:32 PM
I don't have a basement and considering i'm still only 18 I don't think its that wierd that i'm still living with my parents.

I don't mind people arguing with my points of view but there really is no need to make it personal.
# Posted by Anonymous at 1:31 PM
Excuse me - could you spew your unsolicited poison elsewhere?
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