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All Things Footie | Wednesday, November 2 | Jordan

Free for all

For some reason, I caught a couple of minutes of Sir Trevor McDonald’s highly entertaining and informatively titled, ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’ on Monday evening, and blow me if it wasn’t discussing the availability of Chinese/Korean/Thai TV streams on the internet broadcasting live Premiership games for free. Given that I’ve watched about 15 games this season on said networks, I was interested to see what Sir Trev had to say on the subject.

Here’s me thinking I’m an honest law-abiding (ish) member of society, when all along I’m a dirty thief that’s going to bankrupt English Football.

Maybe if football, the Premiership, and don’t even start me on the FA, weren’t so driven by profit and money, I’d be able to watch my team on terrestrial TV, like I used to, back in ‘the good old days’™. Or maybe those saturday afternoons where everyone in the league played and you spent all afternoon checking 10 results would be back, rather than having to get up at some ungodly hour on a Sunday to watch your side play 100 miles away at 1 O’Clock. I started counting the number of different kick off days/times last season, and I think I got to about 14 before I gave up. What’s wrong with 3pm on a Saturday?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with at 3pm on a Saturday shall I? At 3pm on a Saturday, it’s midnight in Tokyo and Seoul, 11pm in Beijing and Hong Kong and 10pm in Bangkok. I have a message for the Premiership: If you’re going to make a fortune selling rights to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and so-on (which, incidentally, I have no problem with), then you’ve got to take the flip side: that people in the UK will a) get pissed off at stupid kick off times, and b) given the chance to avoid lining your pockets (and banrupting ourselves—I’ve spent over $pound;150 going to see my team in the last six weeks) then we will.

But it’s stealing you cry! It’s bankrupting the game. Bullshit. It’s OUR game, not yours, and the idea of being able to watch it because it’s being shared by tens of thousands of people across the globe (that’s the way the system works) then all the better a way to watch the people’s game. I feel no guilt.

And for those of you that are curious:

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# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 4:01 PM
Oh don't get me started on this! It winds the hell out of me with all the new kick off times on Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoons. The evening Saturday games - why?!

I bet the pubs don't mind it one bit - they're packed for an entire afternoon and not just for a couple hours between 3 and 5.

I have to goto the pub to watch almost every game now, meaning I spend more money still. And, even when I go tonight, there's no guarantee I'll see the Arsenal game - the could have it on Man U >:(
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 4:01 PM
ps, cheers for those links mate!
# Posted by Anonymous Pat in Brooklyn at 3:07 AM
Ah, cheers! Here in the States, we can't get most games and it gets to be a bit dodgy to find yourself in a bar every Saturday morning at 9:30. Or pay 20 bucks per game for pay-per-view. Silly.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 8:41 AM
Right On, there was all this hoo-ha a few weeks back when someone actually looked at the fixture list and realised Middlesboro only have 1 Saturday 3'oclock home game from start of season till after christmas!!

What's the catch with these then? any other downloads or gadgets i need to watch?

Oh and what's with the adverts on the side? don't sell out on us now. I don't want to see a year from now 'STARBUCKS sponsors ATF'
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 10:01 AM
I meant to mention the ads in this post -- totally slipped my mind.

Basically, I've just introduced them as an experiment. I've always been anti-advertising on sites that are supposed to just provide content for people to read (ie, blogs), so lets just say I'm wary of advertising.

However ... I've noticed that, particularly on football related sites, Google ads actually serve up some potentially useful links (the links served up should be directly related to the content on the page).

They're not going to make me a millionaire by any means, a pint or two a month will probably be about it (and only then if you, my loyal, loyal readers, click on them once in a while), so don't feel too bitter :)

I'll never accept big banner ads anywhere, and I'll never ask readers for a subscription or anything, but clicking on the ads can be your way to support ATF.

And starbucks coffee is hideous, so I certainly won't be getting sponsored by them. Café Nero on the other hand...
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 10:04 AM
And PS: regarding PPLive:

You just need to download the PPLive application, install it (the instructions in the second link may come in handy), and then just fire it up when you want to watch a game (schedules are in the third link).

# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:37 PM
Anyone know of similar programs that work on Macs? Windows Media Player is available for Macs, but all of the 3rd party client programs I've found are PC only.
# Posted by Anonymous frely at 3:47 AM
I guess here in asia we're luckier than you guys in UK. The local tv station here shows all the EPL games for free. Usually it's about 3-5 live games in the weekend/midweek plus the rest of them as delayed show.
Couldn't ask for more. United has always been showed on TV all season. I remember last season they only miss one United game. The kick off time is not a big problem though. The game starts around 9 pm saturday night, sometimes even faster. It's just the perfect time to join colleagues and watch the game together.

btw, for you who's searching for another streaming site you can check at
The community offers so much tv stream, in much more version, not just pp live but also include windows media player format, and others.
I think they also provide links to radio commentary if tv streaming is too heavy for your connection.
# Posted by Anonymous kitch at 1:58 PM
When will "voyeurs" Arsene and Jose stop flirting and just go out on a date???

Will we see this post.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9:04 AM
Hey, Found a Good Flash User Guide For PPlive might come in handy for someone.

then click programs
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9:12 PM
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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:04 PM
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# Posted by Blogger shafty at 10:35 PM

Watch free football streams her, includes daily updated listings
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 1:54 PM
damned straight. asshole fa thinking people are gona pay masses of money to them every week. some games at least should be on the terrestial tv. who the hell is gona fork out 35-50 pounds a year for buying sky sports to see the matches and then theres the premiership matches on premplus where u have to pay extra. disgusting! (incidently to pour salt on the wound of the "poor f.a." the premplus games have english commentators! download sopcast for this, then choose star sports hee hee)
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