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All Things Footie | Wednesday, October 19 | Jordan

Grrr, it makes me mad

Well, two posts in two days, then nothing for a week or more. Typical. I really should be better.

I actually missed most of the events of the weekend’s football, though I did catch Michael Essien’s challenge on Tal Ben Haim—horrorshow doesn’t even come close—and how typical of the spineless, boneless, toothless, corrupt, hypocritical, time-wasters at the FA and FIFA to say that Essien can’t be retrospectively punished (even though referee Rob Styles reviewed the footage afterwards and said he should have sent him off). Something needs to be done about these people who don’t have a clue about what football is, what it means, or what it represents. Their colossal egos have convinced them that they and their organisations are the face of football; if they behave then football looks good, if football behaves, they look good. On more than one occasion they’ve claimed ownership of football. Ownership. Football needs to stand up for itself and smash these smug, overpaid pricks square in the jaw before throwing them on the scrapheap where they belong.

But, to paraphrase Bill Hicks, that’s another meeting. Today it’s irreverent soccer chat with Jordan at all things footie.

Arsenal are reminding me of Liverpool last season more and more. Indifferent (to be generous) in the league, but unstoppable in Europe (though unstoppable may be a slightly strong adjective given that they’ve not really been tested thus far). Don’t be surprised if Arsenal’s worst start to a Premiership season in donkeys years coincides with them finally achieving something in Europe that they’ve struggled to do when unstoppable domestically (where unstoppable almost doesn’t do justice to some of their recent seasons). And if they did win it? Would I change my tune about the Champions League being less of an achievement than the league? Of course not. The CL is a cup competition that anyone with a bit of luck can win, the league is won over 38 games, not

One thing, and one thing only, struck me from United’s game last night, and that is how much of a different side they are without Wayne Rooney. I can’t think of a recent aquisition by a club that’s made such an impact. Without Wayne Rooney, United look worryingly like a mid-table team; with him, they look a thousand times more dangerous. Whether that’s a positive or a negative, I’m not sure, but one thing’s for sure; Wayne Rooney’s talent cannot be overstated.

Always one to keep up with the news, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Cristiano Ronaldo has been arrested to answer questions about an alleged rape that happened in a London hotel the day after Manchester United played Fulham. No doubt you’ll expect me to make some pithy comment or have a dig, but like the allegations against Robin van Persie in Holland earlier this year, I’m no tabloid jumper to conclusions so I’ll keep schtum.

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# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 10:16 AM
Well done Henry! And what a finish number 185 was! :)

I thought Chelsea were utterly boss last night. They look better than any other team in the CL right now and have yet to concede a european goal.

Essien had a good game, although he should've been one of his few outings as of late. That shocking tackle on Haim was an instant red - I think he false injury immediately afterwards saved him. He knew he was in the shite.

Btw, Jord, you know it was recently revealed that Lansdowne Partners have bought a large share of Arsenal FC? (I put a link to my site below). Unfortunately, Arsenal could, I stress could, go the way of United :(
# Posted by Anonymous ADC at 11:48 AM
Nothing shocking from the CL results. Let's summarize:

1. Liverpool continue to perform above their abilities on the euro stage
2. Arsenal are crap without Henry
3. Man U are crap without Rooney
4. Rangers are crap
5. Chelsea are unstoppable

Pete - I'm surprised you didn't give an honourable mention to JA Reyes. After all, it was him getting injured that allowed Henry to win the game. Could be Reyes' most valuable contribution to the team yet this year!
# Posted by Anonymous ADC at 11:58 AM
....and a little footnote on the Becks theme from last night. Turns out that Becks played the first half in the middle (half time 0-1 Rosenborg). In the second he was switched out to the right. The result - 2 assists and a goal.

Any manager playing Becks in the middle should have his head examined.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 12:04 PM
"Pete - I'm surprised you didn't give an honourable mention to JA Reyes. After all, it was him getting injured that allowed Henry to win the game. Could be Reyes' most valuable contribution to the team yet this year!"

haha! ;)

he's having a slow start to the season but there's no doubting his quality. the same goes for Robin VP.

i was pretty chuffed with the Artmedia scoreline. scottish football really is at rock bottom right now (arguably it never moved off!)

i've not seen the becks goal yet but will check it out tonight.

ps to anyone here that plays Pro Evo - PES5 is released tomorrow - I've booked the day off work ;)
# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 8:33 PM
Yet another footballer accused of rape :( its not as if they even need to try to pull so why would they risk their career by raping someone. The women who shout rape should be put behind bars themselves because its a potentially career ruining move for the player.
I said in work the other day that Arsenal are looking so good in Europe that they could win the champions league this year. Everyone then started laughing at me :P I still think they could do a LIverpool this year and shock everyone though. So much so that im gonna put a bit of money on it.
Chelsea are still amazing and finally people are giving them some credit for how good they are rather than just complaining because they're jealous of them.
What about Newcastle losing to Wigan though :O Not nice being a Newcastle fan but I could see it happening before the match what with Wigan doing so well and Newcastle looking totally devoid of form even in the games they're winning. Shearers past it, Owen isn't that good, Ameobi isn't premiership quality but I think Luque could do some damage when he gets back. Lets hope its soon.
# Posted by Anonymous cisko at 1:17 AM
Agree completely that FIFA don't handle incidents like that correctly. I suspect however that they worry that changing this rule would open every decision up to further review. And they might be right. But when Essien gets away with a horrid challenge like that... it's obvious that something different needs to happen.

Hope you're right about Arsenal. It may be a difficult season, but if nothing else it will be an interesting season. I suspect that the second half will be much better than the first. If nothing else the injury situation will have to get better in 2006. Knock wood.

I did watch the Newcastle-Wigan match (no Arsenal on TV in the US this weekend, grr). It was actually fairly entertaining, mostly because Newcastle kept getting screwed (like the legit goal that the linesman missed). But I do like the spectacle of Graeme Souness driving another team into the ditch.
# Posted by Anonymous ADC at 3:09 AM
"Owen isn't that good" - jesus h christ, what does a player have to do to get respect??? If you don't want him, can he convert to scotland? I know the welsh probably have first dibs but we could always stick an "mc" in front of his surname.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 8:48 AM
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 6:19 AM
When speaking of the FA, any FA, FIFA, IOC, the local council, I believe it would be good to remember another paraphrase of the much mourned Mr. Hicks:

All governmental bodies are lying cocksuckers.

Or perhaps a paraphrase of another departed sports smartarse, Jim Valvano:

These assholes (refrees) think people come out here to watch them?

Of course I can't miss an opportunity to bash owen, so here goes: many have commented on the relation between Crouch's height and his less than reliable touch. So what is wee Mickey's excuse?
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