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All Things Footie | Tuesday, October 4 | Jordan

All ruled out

Random (paraphrased) quote of the weekend that seriously got my goat:

”...he [Cunningham] may have denied a clear goalscoring opportunity, but, sigh, these silly rules are ruining the spectacle of the game. We all know that the referee was right, but I’m sure that really he just wanted to produce a yellow card, under the directives he is given he is not allowed to - and that’s the problem we have.”

Silly rules? Directives? Problem? Ruining the game? I’ll tell you what ruins the game, Bruce: players chopping down forwards when they’re through on goal. A goal from open play is more spectacular than a penalty, right? Even a missed one…. I’m sick to the back teeth of ‘honest, old-fashioned, English’ managers (Steve Bruce, Sam Allardyce, Steve McLaren, et al) whinging about the laws of the game, and worse, pleading ignorance. In the case of the most moaned about, The Offside Rule, most of the subtleties arise from unintentional changes of play, which you can’t plan for, so it simply doesn’t matter whether you know about them or not. Despite that each club is visited by referees before every season so they can explain well in advance any changes to any laws or their interpretations, to everyone in the club. If they’re not listening it’s their own lookout.

I’m sick of horrible challenges being seen as morally acceptable fouls, while things like diving are seen as hideous, vile, evil, twisted misdemeanours perpetrated only by lowlifes and foreigners. You’ll see a dive get discussed by the papers and the pundits for weeks, sometimes months after it’s occured, but people will already have forgotten about Lee Bowyer’s horrific tackle on Saturday. I for one would like to see more red cards for awful tackles that potentially endager the opponent, which is one of the reasons I wholeheartedly support that very directive, put in place by the Referees Association at the beginning of this season.

Liverpool are rubbish, because they only have half a good team. They have no-one up front, two and a half good defensive players (I’ve still not made my mind up about Reina, if he’s like any other Liverpool goalkeeper he’ll steadily get worse over the next two seasons before being replaced by someone else), and three and a half good midfielders (Hamann’s heart’s not in it). That’s it. Steven Gerrard’s heart-on-sleeve approach is all very well, and I’m sure it’s uplifting for the Liverpool fans to see him charging around the pitch, and Xabi Alonso is a superb technical player, but with lads like Djimi Traore, Jamie Carragher and Peter Crouch in the team, and a flakey sub’s bench, they don’t stand a chance.

If you’re wondering why ATF has been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks, it’s because:

  1. after three years of stalemate—I’m finally giving ATF a makeover. Oh yes, a lovely shiny new ATF is on the horizon, and will be on these shores soon!
  2. Football is bloody boring at the moment, and—whoopee—another international break is now imminent.
  3. I’ve been rather enjoying the debate raging in the comments to my last post.

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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11:04 AM
"Steven Gerrard’s heart-on-sleeve approach is all very well, and I’m sure it’s uplifting for the Liverpool fans to see him charging around the pitch" I think 'Steven Gerrards's a bit shit'would have sufficed. He reminds me of Paul Ince, runs about a bit, growls and has the mentality that if he shoots from 30 yards every 10 minutes something is bound to go in. Though to be fair to Gerrard he doesn't rely on those shots being deflected in.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:48 PM
The most over-rated players currently playing.
In order
1. Beckham
2. Gerrard
3. R. Keane
4. Scholes
5. Parker
6. Jenas
7. Carragher
8. Joe Cole
9. Baros
10. Jose Mourinho
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 6:59 PM
i agree with you no some of those points (carragher, joe cole, jenas) but to say beckham is over-rated is bollocks.

he's the best dead ball hitter in the world, even at 30, and has been THE MAN as of late for Real. when you take his assists and freekicks out of the equation you still have a player who averages 12 kilometres per game (which was also the highest out of any player in the premiership). his game against greece at old trafford was the record distance covered in one game (over 14km).

while he can't beat people like wright-phillips can, he's still among the most gifted players in the england team, along with rooney and ferdinand.

overpaid perhaps! but still a world class, quality player.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:58 AM
right on with the original article.

another thing that annoys me about managers is that you only hear them complain about the referee when they lose. why don't they complain about the referee when they win? They seem like bad losers.

Anyway, if the referee is the only reason that they lose games then perhaps they should fix the problem. If they want better people they can start by paying referees more and treating them with respect. It's ridiculous that there aren't full-time, well-paid professional referees, when you consider how much money can hinge on a 50/50 decision.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 9:34 AM
I'm a big fan of Beckham. I used to think he was lightweight and lazy, but around 25 he turned that side of his game around and became one of the biggest midfield assets in the world.

There's simply no better passer of a ball over 30-60 yards in the world. His technique is phenomenal. i'm not sure I've ever seen anyone hit it as well over that distance.

As for referees, i think they deserve their share of criticism, as do players and managers, and I think a manager is perfectly within his rights to have a barney at the ref. IMO.

It's the unconstructive moaning about the laws that does my head in.
# Posted by Anonymous Paul at 12:56 PM
I agree totally with your remarks about Reina and I am suprised that more hasnt been made in the press of his dismal performance against Chelsea. His positional play was poor and was at fault for at least 2 of the goals.
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