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All Things Footie | Thursday, September 8 | Jordan

England's best result since Munich

Finally, England may accept there’s a problem. Finally, England will stop hiding behind the ‘unbeaten in qualifying’ statistic that’s been everyone’s blind defence of Eriksson. Finally, England’s dull, conservative and boring style of play has been undone by a plucky opponent (as it’s been threatened to be on so many occasions, but luck has gotten them out).

Normally, I’d say it was an over-reation to call for a manager’s head after one poor result, but in this case it’s more like that day when a man’s wife uses his razor to shave her legs, and all the little annoying thing’s he’s been putting up with for years are suddenly thrown into sharp focus. Before you can say ‘Ladyshave’ he’s asking for a divorce. Over-reaction? Or just a slap round the face for a conceited, and soporific support blinded by some misplaced sense of loyalty to their national team?

I oculdn’t give a toss one way or the other, but I suspect my low-view of Sven may be mirrored in a few of my countrymen this morning. And doesn’t being right about something give you and enormous sense of well being?

So unlike most Englishmen, I’m genuinely cheery this morning—on top of the lovliness of Sven getting his cumuppance, I’m exceedingly chuffed for Northern Ireland, who earned every plaudit they’ll have dolloped on their cornflakes this morning.

In all seriousness, and just to make everything crystal clear: Firstly, England will (probably) qualify for the World Cup 2006, secondly, there’s more chance of Jose Mourinho picking the same XI for every game this season than of England winning the World Cup—barring the unlikely circumstance of every other team pulling out of the competition. Why? Because unlike the team as recently as two years ago, the England side is packed with average players.

Jamie Carragher does not make forwards quiver with fear. Left wingers are not worried about what to do when Luke Young gets in behind them. Defenders know that Joe Cole has a few tricks in the bag, but that he’s ultimately incredibly ineffective. Opposing managers chuckle with glee when Wayne Rooney begins games on the left wing, then starts kicking, swearing and generally making a prat of himself when things aren’t going his way. While Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham are all exceptional players on the day, playing them all in the same team is a sign of managerial weakness and a Sventacular inability to thnk about a team as a single entity rather than a collection of celebrities. Shaun Wright-Phillips is a great little player to watch, but he looks like a fish out of water on a big stage at the moment. Add to that the fact that Owen’s lost everything that made him a scary player for oppositions to face (including playing for a good side) and you’ve got mediocrity.

All in-all, while not quite back to the days of Carlton Palmer, England are beginning to get towards the bottom of the barrel when it comes to talent. Despite the emergence of players like Rooney and, to a lesser extent, Wright-Phillips, they’re lacking in experienced, big-time international players. The World rankings currently put France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Turkey below England. Nonsense. More notably, it puts, Mexico and the USA above them—something that if you’re a wise betting man (or woman), you’ll take advantage of in 2006. *wink*

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# Posted by Anonymous Obispo at 11:39 AM
FANTASTIC post. You generally don't see such a modest assessment from an Englishman (don't mean to tar all with the same brush, but it's true).

I spent a good few hours arguing with some tit on BBC's 606 yesterday, who told me I was ill informed because I didn't believe England were SECOND best team in the world behind Brazil.

Oh how I was laughing come 21:40 yesterday evening.
# Posted by Blogger Will Sellars at 11:41 AM
Super post Jordan. Spot on in every way. I too have seen the shallowness of Sven's supposed managerial talent ever since the Brazil game in the last World Cup.

Sven it seems is capable of more passion away from football than in the game. After four years and for a team supposedly near its peak the performances in all group games have illustrated the lack of ability and tactical acumen.

The players have "respect" for Sven, but only becuas ehe keeps picking them when out-of-form.

I do think if the right XI are picked, and that does include many of last night's team, then they'd do better under a better manager.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:51 AM
If you where the manager, who would have been your starting eleven for this past game?
# Posted by Anonymous Lamptey at 6:35 AM
It can't blame Sven alone. Almost every manager I can think of in the current game has same utter lack of bollocks, and you see the kind of dully limited players that populate the modern game.
Play to win you asshats! Why does everyone play a defensive midfielder in front of a back four against teams playing the same system with only one or two strikers? Are all these defenders so toilet that they need a 3 to 1 advantage to do the job?

Mexico, fifth in the world, despite not having won anything since . . . um . . . before Cortez landed?
# Posted by Anonymous kitch at 6:54 AM
A few good points. Whilst Svwn does have good qualities he has taken this England team as far as he can.

Time to move aside. To get the right system and the best out of players time for a new coach.


Alan Curbishley for me. He might not have won silverware but for getting the best out of a squad and working the right system, he's the best option.
# Posted by Anonymous Darren at 7:47 AM
Forget who would have been starting 11 Anom,

Rooney left wing, Owen not match fit up front on his own, 4-5-1. Multiple tactics from game to game.

Sven is cluess.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 9:28 AM

You say "Almost every manager I can think of in the current game has same utter lack of bollocks", but I don't think that's true. I think most top managers have the courage of their convictions, and aren't afraid to drop big names for the sake of the team.

From Ferguson, to Mourinho, to Wenger, to Scolari, anyone worth their salt will make the 'big' decisions with conviction. Sven's a weak, egotistical and tactically flawed manager. Like Owen, his record is far more impressive than his actual ability.

And Anon: the truth is that England simply don't have very many top players right now. We overrate players like Wright Phillips, Carragher, Owen, Gerrard and Lampard because it makes us feel like we've got World Beaters, when we haven't.

The only players a class above in the current England team are Robinson, Cole, Beckham and Rooney. Despite his age and waning fitness, Beckham is still the best distributer of the ball over 40 yards+ I've ever seen.

Gerrard tries to be a 'Beckham passer', but fails more often than not -- which is where his main fault lies. Lampard still has a lot to convince me of, particularly his ability to play under pressure. You all know my opinion of Owen. Jamie Carragher is a rubbish player who had a fluke season (1 in about 10 ain't bad ...) Luke Young's just a rubbish player who had a rubbish season. Joe Cole is very overrated, still as lazy as he ever was, and he's the last player i'd want to rely on in a crisis.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 9:31 AM
And PS:

If we're talking about winning things, I'm not sure what ground England are standing on to say they should be above Mexico...
# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 1:39 AM
Being a Welshman I think Wales played well against England but to be honest, with the pedigree of football in England they should be beating Wales by at least a few goals easily.
The problem is that the players do not get used in the way they are best suited to. Sven wants to put players into his system when he should be making a formation to accomodate the players available to him.
As far as i've known England over-rate their sporting teams no matter how good they are when they are no where near as good as they are made out to be.
In my opinion someone like Sam Allardyce should be put in charge who knows about the passion of the English game and the pride at stake that he will put himself and his players on the line to get the best out of the team.
Well done to Northern Ireland as well for taking advantage of a weak team relying on a reputation to win their games.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9:12 AM
Watching that game it is painfully obvious that Lampard and Gerrard cant play in the same midfield. Captain also cannot play a holding central midfielder thats a rediculous notion considering one of the most under rated holding defensive midfielders in the game is on our squad in Mr Owen Hargreaves. Listen you may not listen to me but he needs to be playued in that central midfield. He needs to play like the Brazilian formula where he connects and he makes the middle stronger. The team misses Sol, but more so then anything they lack creativity upfront. For as good as the midfield is they lack the creativity of many of the top teams. A 4-4-2 must be played and without an inform Owen will be lucky to qualify.
# Posted by Blogger Bruno Ribeiro at 3:28 PM
Quite honestly, one (and perhaps the greater) problem of the English teams, and supporters, is the overrating of their players. England has a good squad, but it's not the best in Europe. Heading to the tactical questions, I think Eriksson should rely on a wingless 4-4-2 just as Alf Ramsey did back in '66. Carrick is the man to put in front of the back four, while Beckham should play in the right side of a trio composed by himself, Gerrard (a little over the left) and Lampard (middle and pushing forward). In front, a dynamic duo with Defoe and Rooney. One must face the evidence that until is 100% fit, Owen doesn’t add anything to the side.

Cheers from Portugal.
# Posted by Blogger Scherzbit at 4:45 AM
Jordan, while I would not argue that top managers don't have the courage of their convictions, I would question what those convictions. As an example, Yo-Say "They shall not pass!" Morosenose has a packed squad yet plays every game as if a draw is enough, a strategy that is only effective because of the crapness of most of the sides in the Premiership.

Sure, they may drop big names, though not always for the good of the team (do you think Stam was really past it, or did he just cheese Fergie off. Ditto Beckham's exit).

As for FIFA rankings, it's not about England or Mexico, it's more of a question of what lager-addled monkeys come up with these schemes?

Got-damn man, when I post, read what I'm thinking, not necessarily what I'm writing!
# Posted by Blogger Glen at 4:23 PM
i agree sven should go, but who would we replace him? the only 2 people who have been mentioned i feel are unsuitable. both maclaren and alydice are to inexperienced as managers, i mean alydice hasnt even won a trophy.
# Posted by Anonymous beefy at 9:07 PM
its not the easiest thing to do, win a trophy with Bolton.
Both of the those managers have done really well with what they've been given to work with considering both clubs haven't been in the premiership for very long and are now challenging for a place in Europe.
I do think they are unsuitable for the job for other reasons though. They are managers who excel at building a competive squad with few resources and thats not what international management is about.
Stuart Pearce seems the best choice for the job to me though because of what hes done at Man City. Hes taken a team of talented, under-achieving individuals and turned them into a team capable of a top 6 finish in the premiership and thats exactly what the England team needs, someone to bring all the great individuals together and create a TEAM. He is also someone thats understands what the game means to the English public unlike certain swedes who are just after their mammoth paycheck.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete_AFC at 8:09 PM
While I do respect what Stuart Pearce has accomplished in such a short time at Man City, I don't feel he's yet ready to take on the job of England manager. It's too much of a step up (or not depending on how you see it ;) )

In many way, he reminds me of Hoddle when he was player manager and later manager of Chelsea. Both of them were exceptional for their country and took well to management. You could even argue it was Hoddle who first began the catalyst for Chelseas rise to where they are now (which also includes Gullit, Vialli, Raneiri and now Mourinho) but I disgress..

Hoddle did some great things at Chelsea but his lack of experience and wisdom at the top level became apparent when he took the England job. I say keep Sven for now and see how he reacts to the (now much clearer) allegations that he afraid to drop his brand players.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:35 PM
Why shouldn't Sven take them for all they've got? They hire him for the England job and then he's constantly criticized by the British media for being a foreigner and not being able to work miracles with a sub-standard team we've all been told is world class (ha,ha). Everybody knows (but might not want to admit) that England has only got so far in the competition by sheer bloody luck, certainly not talent. And if they win against Portugal it'll be because the Portuguese side has been decimated by an over-zealous ref in their clash with Holland.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 5:25 AM
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GK: Robinson
RWB: Ashley cole
LWB:Micah Richards/ King/ Shorey/ Primus
CMF: Carrick/ Sidwell
CMF: Gerrard/ Barton
RMF: Lennon/ Little
LMF: Bentley/ Wright-Phillips/ Joe Cole/ Pennant
CF: Smith/ Walcott/ Lita/ Defoe
CF: Rooney

Primus is good in the center for Portsmouth just edging Campbell on number of vital tackles. Carrick reads the game well staying behind the ball and defending or pushing forward when space opens up and can score from outside the box. Bentley can score free kicks from 30 yards and is a good crosser into box. Smith has the best awareness and enthusiasm creating a lot as well as getting into goal scoring positions and he can play well with Rooney at club level and his running off the ball unnerves defenders. Defoe, Pennant, Lita, Walcott (when his back is injury free), Wright-Phillips and Lennon provide pace and Wright-Phillips and Pennant can cross the ball in. Wright-Phillips with confidence can be as good as Cris Ronaldo potentially. Defoe with confidence is very creative in and outside the box nicking that inspirational goal.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:02 AM
Du musst ein Fachmann sein - wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!
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