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All Things Footie | Wednesday, July 27 | Jordan

Everyone's going striker crazy

What is it about shit lanky forwards and Liverpool? While I was initally sceptical about him, I’d warmed to Rafa Benitez and come to the conclusion that he’s a shrewd operator. His aquisitions of Luis Garcia and Xabi Alonso were inspired, and he’s even managed to get Jamie Carragher playing something resembling football.

The fact that he’s making a big thing about signing Borderline Zenden—perhaps the most average player I’ve ever seen—and then gone on to pay God knows how much (£6m?) for Peter Crouch is beginning to make me think that I may have been right to begin with. Peter Crouch is nothing more exciting than the new Emile Heskey, only with even an even greater distance between his brain and his feet.

Like Heskey, Crouch has looked half decent and scored a handful of goals at a club destined for relegation, like Heskey, the physical presence of Crouch is his main asset. Unlike Heskey, Crouch has a reasonable amount of subtlety in his feet, and while his first touch isn’t as suicidal as Heskey’s, he’s no Kanu. I’ll be interested to see how he goes at Liverpool, but I fully expect him to score, ooh, at least 6 goals next year, maybe one or two more. I’ve heard armchair fans tell me that ‘he’ll surprise a few people’, no he won’t—Park Ji Sung will surprise a few people, Hleb may surprise a few, Borgetti may, but Peter Crouch will not.

Talking of poor decisions in signing forwards, I hear Graeme Souness is after Nicolas Anelka. Well, if he was having trouble with Bellamy acting the arse, misbehaving, talking back and generally thinking above his station, he’ll have no problem with Anelka. Just ask Kevin Keegan, Gerrard Houllier, Jacques Santini, Vicente Del Bosque, Philippe Bergeroo and last but not least, Arsene Wenger.

I’m convinced Graeme Souness is the worst manager ever to grace the Premiership. And that includes Christian Gross. He’s systematically attempted (albeit unintentionally—we assume) to destroy Liverpool and Blackburn, and now he’s moving on to Newcastle. He signs rubbish and sells quality, he’s an absolutle joke—and if I were a Newcastle United fan, I’d be quaking in my boots. Seriously.

In more recent news, I’m surprised Alex Ferguson even took Keane to Japan; we all know what happened the last time Roy hung out in that part of the World. Keane’s attitude has always been shocking, and it’s no surprise to see him kicking up a fuss over something as innocuous as family invitations to a club tour. I very much doubted he’d play on after this season anyway, and now I think it’s a certainty—the question is can Park Ji Sung replace him?

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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:45 PM
Wasn't it United who bought that guy from Stoke?
# Posted by Anonymous andyrupe at 6:52 PM
Hmm this is all a bit of a let down jord, i'm gonna have to agree with most of what uve said.

Crouch signing is a bizarre one i agree, and for me the clincher that he really is a bad choice is that sven has started to show an interest in him - when that happens its def time to look elsewhere!

Souness - agree with every word. Complete tosser! Really dont understand why he keeps getting employed.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 8:54 AM
You're right anon -- but luckily I managed to miss out on another shit player Liverpool signed that I'd totally forgotten about. Article edited.
# Posted by Anonymous Rogue at 11:29 PM
You are dead-on about Souness. I predict he will be the first Prem manager to get the sack.

Park Ji-Sung doesn't seem to have the fighting spirit to replace Roy Keane, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Another fine post, sir.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 2:21 AM
Nice article. Did you happen to see RVN kneeing the Kashima Antlers player from behind the other day? Another typically cowardly act from this most despicable and unlikeable of players.

A suggestion for an article if you ever have the inclination to write it is how lots of the top forwards who go to United end up lost and Forlorn, from Garry 'couldnt hit a barn door with a shovel' Birtles in the 80's to Solksjaer's bad knee, Old Trafford brings the kiss of death to so many good strikers. Ir really is amazing how many good strikers have been ruined by going to Manure.

In regard to RVN, I hope his career continues on its downwards path. While players like Keane are simply dirty c***s, at least they carry out their assaults face to face. Hitting someone off the ball from behind like RVN just goes to prove what a weak and petty spiteful man he is.
# Posted by Blogger El Tel at 11:40 AM
It has been a bit of a head-scratching summer striker-wise. For me, Souness' pursuit of Anelka is the most bizarre.

Other than that I thought Peter Kenyon's chasing Essien in a 'I'm in the restaurant across the road' fashion was sheer fucking hilarious - shady as hell in a Carry on Spying kind of a way.

Good piece.
# Posted by Blogger Football Commentator at 4:07 PM
Add my name to the "Souness wont last camp". Anelka was the final straw, thats a terrible decision.
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