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All Things Footie | Monday, June 27 | Jordan

Back and busy

A few things occured while I was away that nearly passed me by entirely.

Ashley Cole’s got his comeuppance for having a money-grabbing scumbag of an agent, Kenyon (via Chelsea) has for thinking he can get away with breaking the rules, and Mourinho for being his usual arrogant (but not entirely disagreeable) self. From where I stand, I think Mourinho’s probably the least at fault, and I can understand why he’s appealing. His club have asked him to come and meet a player (whether he knew who, and whether he thought Arsenal had given him permission or not we don’t know), and he’s turned up. He didn’t arrange the meeting—that was Kenyon and Cole (via Jonathan Barnett).

The whole situation is very simple: Barnett is a money grabbing scumbag (as already established in the previous paragraph) who has no place in the game, Kenyon is a filthy cash-whore who’s only involved in football to see how many fans of how many different clubs he can piss off in the course of a career, Mourinho and Cole are pawns in a game of money laundering and dishonesty that both are too good for.

Everybody’s gotten excited about the Womens European Championships: and quite frankly, while some of the players and teams are OK, for girls, I can’t see what the fuss is about. I watched a couple of matches and the quality was generally pretty shocking; I wouldn’t pay to see it, though some of the bitchy tackles were quite amusing. More hair pulling and muddy wrestling to the ground and less long balls, please. So long as it’s Sweden vs. Sweden in every round anyway.

Robin van Persie has gone and been arrested for allegedly raping a girl in Holland. I think we all know how foolish one can look if one starts pronoucing and passing judgement in a very serious case like this before ANYthing is known about circumstance or evidence, which is presumanbly why Arsenal (and I) are keeping schtum. One thing that does surprise me though is the amount of time it seems necessary to keep van Persie locked up without some form of bail.

All of the above I wrote last week. TO be honest, I’ve forgotten where I was going. My absurdly busy schedule right now is slowing me down to a writing pace somewhere between Pascal Cygan and Jaap Stam.

I flicked through the Metro today and saw a who zero words written about the beautiful game. So what if it’s Wimbledon week, there’s some one-day internationals going on, and some British egg-chasers are getting a roasting in New Zealand; it’s not good enough dammit and it won’t stand.

Talk of ‘Brazillian teenage sensastion’ Robinho going to Real Madrid: I’ve seen the video clips, and heard the hype, but I’ve watched him play for Brazil a few times and he’s not looked all that special. I’d like to see more of him. Talk of Chelsea agreeing a fee for Shaun Wright-Phillips, a fee in the order of £18m. I like Wright-Phillips, he’s a very exciting young player who’s come on leaps and bounds over the last two seasons, but frankly, 18m is taking the proverbial. It’s a prime example of why sensible managers and clubs look abroad:

For £4m, Manchester United have bought a player with bags of international appearances, a starring role in a side that reached the World Cup Semi Finals and a fair bit of experience in Europe (along with a semi-final appearance in the European Cup). And he’s still pretty young. And I’m not even mentioning the marketing potential that’ll effectively make Ji-Sung Park a free transfer. Wright-Phillips has impressed for his age, picked up a handful of international caps and has absolutely no experience of playing for a top side; yet you could get 4 and a half Ji-Sung Park’s for the price Manchester City want for him (or is it just the price a careless club will/can pay?). Ridiculous whichever is the case.

Aleksander Hleb is another fine example, a top player with loads of experience, young and with countless international appearances, and at worst he’ll cost half of Wright Phillips’ fee.

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# Posted by Anonymous Pete AFC at 1:01 PM
Not sure if you were aware while away in Italy, but Wenger himself has expressed an interest in Robinho (and also Torres).

Robinho has sensational dribbling skills but the problem is his frame; he's very skinny and I would raise concerns as to whether or not he'd manage in the Premiership, which is a very physical league.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 1:33 PM
I noticed that about Robinho watching him in the Confederations Cup, not sure how well adapted he'd be to the Premiership -- not to mention how he'd cope mentally moving to England from Brasil at such a tender age.

Torres is another I haven't seen enough of to make a good judgement but he does look a little sturdier.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete AFC at 5:31 PM
Fernando Torres is a pretty large bloke - think along the lines of Milan Baros that can actually play football - so he should be able to cope ok with the pace and power of the Premiership.

Personally, I'd be interested to see Trezeguet link up with Henry, but Wenger usually chooses young players and builds them gradually into the team, whereas Trezuguet is around 27/28 now.
# Posted by Anonymous Pete AFC at 5:34 PM
btw Jord, are you sure Robinho is actually a teenager? i thought he was about 21 or 22 (i remember this cos i had him in my Pro Evo team!)
# Posted by Anonymous Nate at 3:28 PM
Robinho is indeed 21 (or so i have read) but I agree about the hype not matching the performances, from what little I have seen of him. Will be interesting in tonights game (Arg v Bra) to see if he puts on a bit of a show.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 8:33 AM
Great game eh Nate? Not that impressed with Robinho (aside from a few rather deft turns and disguised passes) but that right back Cicinho is bloody brilliant.
# Posted by Anonymous Nate at 9:03 AM
Was a fantastic game jord, I would always go for Brazil against anyone ('cept Norn Iron of course) and was happy to see them chin Argentina.

Think Robinho would be better suited to spain than the Premiership tbh. Good call on Cicinho, Cafu's days must be numbered, as much by old age as anything else ;) but good to see they have a quality replacement. Was disapointed not to see much of (your lots) Gilberto. And that Adriano looks like he might make it! What a player, he has the nous but also has the qualities of the Christian Veiri types. Now if he could come to QPR...
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 5:23 PM
read about portuguese footbal at

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