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All Things Footie | Thursday, May 26 | Jordan

Where do I start?

On Saturdays, teams who are resoundingly outplayed yet come away with a draw and win a cup final on penalties are bad, bad people and lucky bastards who deserve nothing.

On Wednesdays, identical happenings are woderful, magical occurances that will be savoured for decades.


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# Posted by Anonymous Nate at 4:10 PM
For me, I was disappointed with Arsenal, I was expecting them to play the football they are very capable of, but i know against ManUre in recent games that hasn't worked for them.

For me Arsenal contributed little in attack, therefore they were seen as unworthy winners in some quarters. (personally I was as happy as a pig in the proverbial).

Liverpool on the other hand contributed to a great match by defending badly, looking amatuer, then pulling themselves back into the game, and taking part in what was for me, one of the most exciting European Cup finals I have witnessed.

I think the difference in attitude from some quarters to the two finals, and ultimately winners, is as much to do with the excitement of last nights game, as opposed to the FA Cup, which I found dull tbh.

To sum up, Arsenal were disapointing, Liverpool surprising, and i would rather be surprised than disapointed.

Personally my attitudes to either team/result dont differ, I was pleased to see them both win.

Now where are the tweasers to get these splinters out of my ass.
# Posted by Anonymous Pat at 6:07 PM
Nate is right, especially in the styles of the games. Liverpool came back from the dead! That certainly means something. Arsenal just played like they were dead.

Perhaps more importantly, however, are the opponents. Man U versus the Gunners is, at least to fans of different clubs, more of the same: just two of the league giants going at it. And it has to be admitted, the FA Cup final was a pretty ugly game to watch. Champions League, however, was an English team versus a foreign team, with a heroic comeback. Because it was English versus not English, it gives every football fan a chance to become personally involved. I mean, if you are a Sheffield Wednesday fan, what do you care about Man U versus Arsenal again? But you can feel attached watching 'our boys' take on those Italians, conveniently forgetting that most of those boys are from other places to begin with.

Just a thought, anyway.
# Posted by Blogger Jordan at 8:31 AM
And an interesting one Pat. I agree to a large extent, ditto for Nate.

Keep 'em coming guys...
# Posted by Anonymous Darren at 10:59 AM
I know where you're coming from Jordan, but many would say Liverpool did well offensivly in the second half and got 3 goals.

In defence of Arsenal they looked very tired indeed and didn't start out to be defensive at all, it was just United were fresher and United tactics better on the day.
# Posted by Blogger The Brooklyn Gooner at 3:54 PM
Some of it may also be quality of opponent.

This version of Glazer's Newest Plaything aren't mugs, that much is true. But, compared to previous versions, they really aren't all that strong an outfit. On the other hand, many people (myself included) thought that AC Milan would stroll to the European championship, especially due to the strength of their defense. For the Scousers to breach said defense three times (in what, 10 minutes?), I think that's contributed to much of this overreaction.

...and yes, it IS an overreaction. You'd think that Hibs or Charlton Athletic had won it...
# Posted by Anonymous Taff at 6:49 AM
Liverpool (Benitez) got it wrong tactically in the first half, but put that right in the second half.

In the first half they were exposed between the midfield and defence and so having gone in front after a minute, Milan were able to sit back and hit them too easily on the beak. In the second half with Hamann in that space Milan never had the same chances again.

In extra time, Liverpool had already settled for penalties. They withdrew Gerrard and let Milan come at them, just as they had in the second leg of the quarter final in Turin. They were too strong then, and too strong in Istanbul (though credit to Dudek for standing firm).

My point is that although Arsenal were completely outplayed in the FA Cup final, Liverpool weren't outplayed in Istanbul. Benitez's mistake meant tht Milan were obviously better in the first half, but Liverpool controlled how the game was played after that.
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