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All Things Footie | Friday, July 16 | Jordan

Zizou on the move?

Real Madrid superstar and World Player of the Year Zinedine Zidane is unhappy with his team, manager and life in the Spanish capital all things footie can exclusively reveal. A source close to the player told us the shocking news that:

“Zinedine has been unhappy with results over the last season—he feels the team is inbalanced and needs strengthening. He’s not happy with his life in Madrid and told the Jose Camacho that he wants to move as soon as possible.”

It’s rumoured that ‘Zizou’ has a release clause in his contract allowing him to move to Barcelona for a nominal fee in the event of him being unhappy at Madrid.

The imminent move will be a blow to recently re-elected Madrid president Florentino Perez, who’s promised to bring more Galacticos to Madrid—not sell them off! Madrid’s increasing financial difficulties will not be aided by losing a player that only three seasons ago cost them £50m for next to nothing, and finding a replacement for the French captain.

Zidane and his advisors are today meeting officials in Barcelona to discuss personal terms regarding the move, and we understand that the audacious signing could be announced as early as Monday morning.

The shock news has not gone down well in Madrid, with supporters of the ‘Galacticos’ claiming that Zidane would be a ‘dirty traitor’ should he move to their fierce Catalan rivals, and ‘only a real scum would cross the divide.’

Portugal’s ‘golden-boy’ Luis Figo made a similar move just four years ago, leaving the Catalan captial for Madrid in a then World Record £37m deal. He has since had a pig’s head thrown at him by loyal Barca fans and as recently as last month had a disgruntled fan throw a Barcelona flag at him during the Euro 2004 final—in which a shocked Portugal lost against European minnows Greece.

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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:54 PM
9 su 10! Ottenerlo! Siete buoni!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:48 AM
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# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:27 AM
Interessare, molto interessante. Come avete fatto questo?
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:33 PM
Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 5:44 AM
L'information interessante que vous avez! I'am allant revenir bientot.
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9:59 AM
Du musst ein Fachmann sein - wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:41 PM
Stupore! Amo questo luogo!:)))))))
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11:55 PM
Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!
# Posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 3:32 PM
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