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All Things Footie | Tuesday, June 15 | Jordan

Guest article: England v France

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and sympathise with the English

For your reading pleasure, a piece from all things footie’s man on the ground in Lisbon, Manuel Poças.

English supporters hadn’t been to Lisbon since 1991, when Arsenal played Benfica in the recently sadly demolished old Stadium Of Light. The weather wasn’t so sickeningly hot then.

For the past week or so shrimp faced Englishmen have become a part of the city’s imagery, drinking heavily and singing badly, but generally well behaved. Fears of big scale riots have been slowly fading away as day’s progress. There aren’t as many fans as I expected, although they’re still easily the biggest support contingent in site. However, the heat is killing them, slowly. I see it in their faces as they stroll through the main streets during the day.

I saw Sunday’s game in Lisbon’s most renowned English pub, packed with fans without tickets. The atmosphere was great, better than in most games I go to in the Portuguese league. Lampard’s header drove everyone mad, and by then I was already partial to England due to the awesome environment around me, drinking away to the sounds of massive come on England every time the English defence cleared a ball and trying to forget Saturday’s 600 km journey to see Portugal’s depressing opening match.

Things carried on with high spirits until the end. Of normal playing time, of course. Then Zidane did what you all know he did. Twice. An epic ending to a not very well played but certainly emotional game that leaved everyone in the pub devastated, particularly this guy in a Wayne Rooney shirt that started crying, kicking chairs and cars parked outside. Fortunately his friends stooped him before he got to mine and an international incident was prevented. Apart from drunken Rooney, the fans in the pub—although gutted—behaved with tremendous fair play and no death threats to Gerrard were heard, unlike what it would have happened if he was playing for Portugal. As I drove home later that night in my unharmed Volkswagen I spotted a few anti-riot police vans in Lisbon’s main square, but no violent outbursts.

Now the shrimp faced people are off to Coimbra, an old University town with colossal beer drinking tradition. It should be fun.

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pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)
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