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All Things Footie | Tuesday, May 4 | Jordan

Coming to a close

So Leeds are down. Shame.

I feel gutted for all those Leeds fans who cheered handing the league to their bitter rivals at Highbury last year. I feel gutted for all those Leeds fans who thought that Peter Ridsdale’s plan of pinning the entire future of their club on qualifying for the Champions League every year—like Arsenal and Manchester United doing this was some sort of routine achievement—was a good idea. I feel gutted that the most poorly run club in the league has gotten its just desserts. I feel most gutted of all, that the new Chairman Gerald Krasner has pinned the club’s future on staying in the Premiership, meaning that relegation will likely mean going into administration after all, and beginning next season on -10 points.

Not really. Enjoy the Nationwide Leeds, you’ll be there some time.

If there was ever an example of why Sepp Blatter’s monumentally stupid idea to scrap drawn games is monumentally stupid, then Sunday’s 0-0 draw at Highbury would be it. If Birmingham knew they had a chance to take three points from a penalty shoot out (if the game was drawn), they’d play like that every week. I’d vote for compulsory euthenasia at 60 just to get rid of this moron, I really would.

I feel really sorry for David Beckham. I know he’s (by the sound of it) a dirty philandering playboy, but I have genuine sympathy for him. I don’t blame him for seeking solace in a woman (or is it women?) he’s close to in Spain, when his hyper-controlling, delusional other-half refuses to live with him (presumably under the pretence that she has her ‘career’ to think of). On top of that, I can’t help but wonder whether a club like Real Madrid feels that it is allowed to treat it’s employees like crap because it pays them so much money. The Real-Barca derby game the other week being the epitomy of how not to treat a player. Displaying an advert for the Spanish soft-porn magazine Interviu carrying a story about his supposed affair with Sarah Marbeck would have been cruel if the match had been at the Camp Nou, but at the Bernebeu? It’s nothing short of unbelievable. If I was Beckham (and to be honest I wouldn’t mind trying for a while David, if you’re interested) I’d have gone ballistic at every single employee of Real Madrid I could find, and the president would have done well to escape a punch in the face.

I read Gary Lineker’s column in the Times yesterday about Beckham’s treatment in Madrid, and how it would be the worst decision of his career to leave Spain, because ‘the only way your career can go is down’. What a load of rubbish. So if Beckham were to leave Madrid—and join for instance, Arsenal or Chelsea—enjoy fair and respectful treatment by his club, play his best football and win the league and Champions League once or maybe twice, it would be some kind of career suicide? Just because your career went pear shaped after being chucked out of Barcelona Gary, doesn’t mean the same will happen to Beckham.

Talking of top-class English midfielders being treated badly by their clubs, it would be wrong not to mention Frank Lampard. This week he’s had a word or two to say about the fact that a number of players at Chelsea are getting paid considerably more than he, quite probably including his ex-teammate and infinitely less influential Joe Cole. It’s understandable that there may not be parity initially, as Lampard was signed pre-Abramovich, but I’m astonished that the management are being funny about discussing a new deal.

The Times’ Monday supplement The Game (where the aforementioned Gary Lineker article was printed) also contained an enthralling piece by Sam Allardyce, discussing Bolton’s possible move for Rivaldo; and despite my dislike for the walrus-faced old git, I think it would have convinced me to move their if I was the Brazilian. People have mocked Bolton’s interest in the former World Player of the Year, and thus made light of the fact that Rivaldo is now a bit-part player at Cruzeiro and has barely kicked a ball in anger over the last 18 months. Playing in England, and playing for Bolton, could be a good move for Rivaldo, even if it does no more than get him noticed again. As Allardyce said: ‘ask Jay Jay Okocha, Ivan Campo and Youri Djorkaeff if moving to Bolton was a bad idea’.

All things footie is going to go quiet for a little while, as I’m going to be away until Sunday; so you’ll have to wait until next week to hear me crowing about Chelsea’s humiliating-exit-from/triumphant-return-to-form-in the UEFA Champions League. In the meantime, check out some of the sites in the Links Page, that should keep you satiated until the return of ATF.

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