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All Things Footie | Monday, February 9 | Jordan

short and sweet

If you’re wondering, dear reader, why All Things Footie has been a little quiet over the last week or so, it’s because I’ve been very busy, away in a (very) small European country. I shall be further busy in a much larger member of the European Union from tomorrow until Sunday, thus all things footie will be quiet once more. If you’re looking for other good football-related internet type reading, then may I draw your attention to the links page, where a number of ‘link backs’ have been added—most of them worth a browse.

Since I last updated, we’ve been treated to a total of three seven-goal thrillers. Firstly, last Wednesday, the frankly hilarious collapse of Tottenham, as they gave up a three goal lead to a ten man side without their best player. In one half. At home. For all the plaudits that Kevin Keegan and his players have taken for what Alan Hansen called ‘the best game I’ve ever seen’, it would be wrong not to awknowledge the part that David Pleat and his hopeless bunch of players played. Thanks guys, I had a ball.

Everton’s narrow defeat to United, like the goal fest at White Hart Lane, only served to highlight the dubious defending qualities of the teams involved. United look shakier and shakier at the back—particularly from set-pieces—while Ruud Van Nistelrooij became the second fastest player to reach 100 goals at Manchester United. The statistical glut following the Dutchman’s 100th goal was interesting; I knew he was a poacher, but I didn’t know that he has never scored from outside the 18 yard box for United. The significance of that statistic is marginal at best, but I think it’s interesting nonetheless.

Alex Ferguson said he’d never lost a 3-0 lead before, and due as much to the persistance of the atrociously barnetted Ronaldo as to Everton’s slack defending, he didn’t this weekend either. It was close though, and you have to ask yourself what’s up with David Moyes when he starts Francis Jeffers up front with Duncan Ferguson against a team like United. It’s barely excusable under normal circumstances, but when you’ve got Rooney and Radzinski (who I rate very highly) waiting to play, well, you deserve to lose.

The third 4-3 involved Tottenham somehow scraping a win against Harry Redknapp’s vastly superior Portsmouth. David Pleat is such a tit. At the other end of the country Liverpool continued to wallow in mediocrity, scraping a draw away to a Bolton side minus their best player. Champion’s League? You’re having a laugh?

Have to dash now, enjoy your week.

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