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All Things Footie | Wednesday, January 28 | Jordan

Hola José!

Robbing Pavón of the ball, his wallet, his watch and any last shred of dignity, before twisting the bewildered Madridista round so his backside was facing the same way as his knees, Reyes rolled across the box for Francisco Casquero to finish.

As the fans chanted their idol’s name (well, Reyes isn’t just a great footballer, he’s a Sevillista with Sevilla curtains in his house) the press rummaged round down the back of the sofa, searching for new accolades. “Simply magisterial”, “a phenomenon”, “immense”, “the devil himself” and an “angel”. He was bloody brilliant, ridiculing Madrid and twice making Luis Figo look very stupid indeed. No wonder the olés rang out in the rain.

— Sid Lowe, The Guardian

Arsenal fans can look forward to a very bright talent gracing Highbury, and in the very near future, Ashburton Grove. The signing of Sevilla forward José Antonio Reyes for £8m (plus performance related extras up to £20m)* marks not only Arsène Wenger’s desire to build an even more formidable team, but the club’s ability to spend the cash implies that the finances are almost certainly in place for Ashburton Grove.

* All figures here, and any you may read elsewhere are nothing more than guestimates. Sevilla and Arsenal agreed a confidentiality pact, so neither club will reveal the fee.

Coming to England after three seasons in one of (if not the) the best leagues in the World, and performing against the best team in the World, suggets that Reyes will be something very special. Like Robert Pires, I expect that he will need some time to get used to the physical aspect of the Premiership (though being officially the most fouled player in Spain I expect he’s used to it to some degree), and he’ll certainly need time to get used to the weather. He’s spent his life so far living in Spains’ steamy, southern, Andalucía; as he arrived at Arsenal for his medical today, the snow on the roads is a nice immediate warning that he’s no longer going to be off to the beach on his day off.

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