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All Things Footie | Monday, August 11 | Jordan

The final pre-season friendly

Thank God.

A draw was a fair result. Both teams did well, looked as neat and tidy as you'd expect teams still warming up (in the figurative sense) and very, very warm (in the literal sense) to be. I thought Arsenal played really well in the second half, Vieira looked excellent and I was surprised by how well they did defensively. Kolo Toure looked extremely impressive and Sol Campbell did well too. Manchester United looked eager and well organised too. Keane played better than he did all of last season and Scholes looked lively, perhaps now he's not got Veron breathing down his neck. Both of the new keepers did well I thought, though neither of them had a great deal to do.

As for the handbags; Fortune should have been sent off for pulling back Ljungberg (last man or no), Phil Neville should have gotten a second yellow for the challenge (and the afters) in which Francis Jeffers ended his Arsenal career, and both Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell should have been sent off. It's worth bearing in mind though (as I believe the referee did, quite well too) that it's nothing more than a silly friendly for the TV cameras, and that in the 38°, tempers may have become a little easily frayed.

Jeffers is a good player, technically naive but instincive, hard working and lively on the pitch. His problem is that he's an idiot. You can call it passion, being wound up in the heat, anything you want; it was just a case of a mouthy, irritable, nutter losing control of himself. He's shown it time and time again. Wenger doesn't like players who don't have any self-control, you can't rely on them, Francis Jeffers won't be an arsenal player for long.

Good to see Van Nistelrooy is still up to his old tricks too, that one dive * was absolutely breathtaking, and really unbelieveable that the commentators feel they can't chastise him for it.

* you know the one, when he looked like someone had poked him in the back with a broom-handle even though Ashley Cole had stopped running and had his arms behind his back.

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