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All Things Footie | Monday, July 7 | Jordan

Shopping in Kensington

He may have a lot of money, but this Russian nutcase who’s just taken over at Chelsea is a mad as a bag of spanners. As his shopping list so wonderfully testifies. The question is, how do you tell him without ending up in the Thames? not a hope · going to madrid (maybe) · unlikely at best · not beyond the realms of possibility · OK · ha ha ha · ho ho ho · hee hee hee (he’s playing for the European Champions) · chuckle chuckle (so is he) · maybe but they don’t need him.

He’s obviously going to be one of those chairmen that managers just hate. And he’s made it abundantly clear that he knows absolutely nothing whatsoever about football.

Here’s to you B.

I normally try to keep this weblog focused on football as much as possible, but with great sadness, I dedicate this post to the one, the only, Barry White. The World will miss you Baz.

PSG star Ronaldinho

You know that the summer is getting tedious — and that journalists really will make speculation out of anything — when stories like this come around. Ronaldinho has been quoted as saying, ‘tengo la mente en blanco’ which can (apparently) be translated as ‘I have an open mind’ or ‘I am thinking about white’. Ohhh, white = Real Madrid. Because he would say that if he meant he was thinking about joining Madrid wouldn’t he? He wouldn’t say ‘tengo la mente en Madrid’ (or something similar). Nahh, that would be too easy.

As it stands; Madrid have offered Ronaldinho a huge pay deal (around £80,000 a week) and PSG £25m for him to join them in the summer of 2004 (for various money related matters, namely Figo will be offloaded cutting the wage bill and bringing in cash for the Brazillian). Manchester United on the other hand, have offered a measly £13m and a slightly less attractive pay offer to ‘little Ronaldo’. By a country mile, and for numerous reasons, PSG prefer Real Madrid’s offer; Ronaldinho meanwhile would love to play in Spain, feels he’s got a better chance of winning the European Cup with Madrid and is swayed by the fact that Madrid have just signed one of United’s most influential players.

It’s clear even to a little toerag like Ronaldinho who is the bridesmaid and who is the bride.

The only thing stalling the deal is the fact that Ronnie doesn’t want to spend another season languishing in Le Championnat. So Real have to unload someone (or beg King Juan Carlos for a bit more money) or persuade Ronaldinho to stay put if they don’t want to lose him to United. Likewise, United have to up their offer or they won’t even get to speak to him (then again, it’s never stopped them before); and persuade the Brazillian that cold and wet Manchester is better than hot and sunny Spain, and (most importantly) convince him that leaving France now is absolutely necessary. It’s a tough job, and if United pull it off then all credit to them.

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