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All Things Footie | Tuesday, May 20 | Jordan

Writer’s block

Keep checking back I said. I’ve got loads to write about I said. Last Monday I didn’t know how I’d get all my mutterings out without writing something every day. Didn’t quite work out like that though.

Firstly the Cup Final. Awful weather, awful game, good result (for me anyway, I’m acutely aware that the rest of the population wanted Arsenal to lose). I didn’t even get to have a good look at the roof as I was behind the goal at the back - great view of the pitch, poor one of the roof - it’s a pity the latter was probably more exciting. It wasn’t warmer or louder, but it did feel a little like we were playing indoors. Which I guess we were.

Once again though, it was a good atmosphere, in the ground and in the pubs and streets - it seems only United and Liverpool fans cause trouble in Cardiff (though I wouldn’t bet against there being some ‘high spirits’ for the playoff final on Monday). Kudos to the Southampton fans for sticking around after the final whistle, and not just until Gordon Strachan’s team had collected their medals either. They stayed there longer than I was and really demonstrated just what the FA Cup means to real football fans.

it’s a shame their team couldn’t give them a performance to remember. I thought Southampton looked poor - Arsenal were little better - Beattie looked toothless up front and I was disappointed with Chris Marsden’s performance as well as the usually superb Anders Svensson. Without even playing very well, and with the Saints still giving their fans a performance to be proud of, Arsenal looked several classes above them. I’m normally a hopeless pessimist, but for some strange reason from the moment the ref blew his whistle I didn’t have the slightest doubt that Arsenal would win. Southampton looked like they simply couldn’t.

I will update again soon (no really, I will this time) with the all things footie awards 2003. I thought I’d leave them until the season finished so that there was something to do once all the excitement was over. I bet you can’t wait.

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