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All Things Footie | Friday, May 2 | Jordan

Racist, moi?

So the FA have been fined £70,000 for racist abuse dished out to Turkish fans at the Stadium of Light in April - the largest fine for any association for a racism charge. Racism is of course totally unacceptable, but I can’t help but think that the English fans are being punished for being English.

Sickening monkey chants and stomach churningly bilious abuse is churned out routinely at just about every Eastern Bloc stadium and most of Spain and Italy too. Nothing wrong with that though. Oh, hold on, I’m forgetting the swift UEFA system of justice.

Valencia were fined just under £10,000 for the ninety minutes of vile abuse that Patrick Vieira, Ashley Cole, Sylvain Wiltord and Lauren suffered at the Mestella because of the colour of their skin. And Vieira has just been fined £2,300 for speaking up against the blatant injustice. The same abuse was dished out to Emile Heskey and Djimi Traore at the same ground last year and it seems a blind eye has been turned to the magnitude of this problem.

It’s different when the evil English hooligans are the ones accused. I wasn’t there for the Turkey game, but I’m sure it was a minority of mindless idiots rather than the majority that were responsible. Unlike in many other countries.

Victimised, Moi?

Meanwhile, the rest of the season has been decided. Alex Ferguson and Van Nistelrooy have been awarded manager and player of the month for April. Maybe the FA aren’t bias towards united after all, they clearly don’t want them to win the league.

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