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All Things Footie | Tuesday, April 29 | Jordan

Like a puff of smoke?

It certainly seems as though the team who were not so long ago runaway leaders of the Premiership and unarguably the best side in the league — have blown it. Arsenal’s capitulation against a ‘physical’ (they managed to put three Arsenal players out until the end of the season) Bolton side on Saturday has left them needing United to slip-up in one of their final two games to have any chance of holding on to their title.

Arsenal fan or no, I really can’t believe I’m writing this. Just turning the clock back three weeks puts Arsenal in a position almost certain to retain their title. Just turning the clock back 71 hours and it looks as though Arsenal are in the driving seat with a 2-0 lead at Bolton.

I did say not so long ago that both Arsenal and United would drop points before the end of the season and I stand by that. If it’s not over this weekend then it’ll be a very interesting last day of the season, particularly if Everton need a point to qualify for Europe. I know who I’d rather be playing on the last day, and seeing as most Arsenal fans (including myself) have given up all hope of lifting the Premiership, there’ll be some party if by some miracle they do….

I like West Ham, and I like Glen Roeder. I hope he gets through his surgery without any problems and I hope West Ham stay up (I do of course hope one of those more than the other). Whether it’s dirty Bolton and the moaning Walrus faced git or Peter Reid’s Leeds that replace them in the drop I don’t mind.

I don’t necessarily think West Ham don’t deserve to go down - playing cavalier football with a tonka toy defence is suicide and David James, Trevor Sinclair and Lee Bowyer are overrated. There’s something about the club that appeals though, Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and Jermain Defore are three of England’s finest young players (even if they are stagnating around inferior peers) and on their day they’re capable of scintillating passing and sublime attacking finesse. I’ve been saying they’re going down since October, and I still think they will. It would be nice if they didn’t though.

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