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All Things Footie | Thursday, April 24 | Jordan

Always going to happen

It was certainly a good week for Champion’s League enthusiasts; Tuesday saw an unexpected 2-1 victory for ten man Juventus in the Nou Camp and yesterdays blistering, end-to-end game had to be seen to be believed. Big Ron’s Harlem Globetrotters nonsense aside, it really was like a basketball game - we score, you score, we score, you score….

I won’t bother with a detailed and witty match report, suffice to say that fat or not, class is class; and Ronaldo is class. Steve McManamanaman did pretty well too, played it around nicely and didn’t do much wrong, nothing special mind. For a team that conceded four (including two own goals) centre half Ivan Helguera impressed me, athletic, neat and tidy on the ball and good in the air - everything Rio Ferdinand should be for £30m. John O’Shea put in another impressive and precocious performance, getting himself a nutmeg on non-other that Luis Figo. Cheeky beggar.

In what can only be described as the other end of the scale, the Football League have just agreed in principle a number of ‘revolutionary’ proposals. Clubs going into administration will be docked points or relegated, third division teams will have income dependent wage caps imposed as of next year (second and first division teams by 2004-2005) and there will be six teams entered in to the playoffs in future. Looks like Wolves fans nervous couple of weeks in April will be moved to March from now on.

I think they’re all positive measures, the first two will help stabilise the clubs by making financial risk even more risky and make the end of year run-ins more exciting. On the other hand, you’ll less likely to see quality experienced players knocking around the lower leagues, but some would argue that’s a good thing.

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