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All Things Footie | Tuesday, March 4 | Jordan

Worthy Cup?

I spent yesterday reading eulogies of Liverpool’s ‘magnificent’ performance in the Worthlesston Cup. I read how the magic of the cup once derided as ‘worthless’ is now back. I even read how this game alone bought prestige and honour back to the competition.

Am I the only one that fails to see this? From where I was sitting the game was dire for half an hour until a lucky deflection put Liverpool ahead. This was followed by 60 minutes of constant attacking pressure by Manchester United, who only failed to win the game due to a magnificent performance from Jerzy Dudek. I nearly spat out my cup of tea reading a Sunday newspaper’s comments about how Houllier’s faith in Dudek won the trophy. What!? Is this the same Gerard Houllier that saw Dudek drop a couple of clangers and dropped him until his replacement was injured?

Houllier has made a right mess of Liverpool, and I’m sure the fans won’t be naïve enough to think that a mickey mouse cup (or two) maketh a man. The truth is that Liverpool were outplayed in Cardiff — they’ve spent the whole season being outplayed by the likes of Crystal Palace, Birmingham and Sheffield United. The team has descended in to unattractive, long ball tactics; I can’t imagine what it must be like for those fans who had the pleasure of watching the great Liverpool sides of the seventies and eighties. Shankly and Paisley must be turning in their graves.

For those of you that think I’m being a little harsh, take a look at all of Liverpool’s good results this season and tell me, in how many of those matches has Jerzy Dudek or Chris Kirkland been man of the match?

Certain readers in particular will know that any admiration or affinity I have towards Alex Ferguson must be very well buried, but I must say I enjoyed his comments after the two bob tin cup final. Particularly when he was asked by Chris Kamara how it felt to lose when he’d made it a priority to take home the trophy …

‘Priority!! You must have misunderstood something there mate. The Premiership and the Champions League, they’re our priorities.’

Don’t forget the FA Cup Alex. Oh sorry, I forgot.

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