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All Things Footie | Saturday, March 22 | Jordan


I’m not going to give the hairy arsed, cretinous imbeciles that inhabit the Mestella the satisfaction of berating their offensive, narrow-minded, backwards behaviour. They may have to enter the twenty-first Century at some point soon, and it’s the responsibility of the club to do something about it, or be punished properly.

As for Arsenal, while fans of the club are laying in to Pascal Cygan, it’s perhaps worth them remembering Thierry Henry’s poor first season at Highbury. Cygan may well be as atrocious as he’s looked so far, but it’s a bit harsh to judge him definitively before he’s had a full season in the Premiership. Adjusting to the pace is difficult for most people, but imagine if you’ve got all the natural va va voom of an arthritic hedgehog with a twisted ankle.

For want of a more tasteful analogy, Thursday’s ‘Battle of Britain’ was a rather intriguing match, and raised some interesting questions. Many of us (me more than most) have mocked Celtic’s core of Premiership nearly-men, but are John Hartson, Neil Lennon and Alan Thompson really good enough to play for a top Premiership side? Or are Liverpool even more average than I thought?

and more importantly

It’s not really the place of this website to comment on the conflict in the Middle East, and to be quite frank I find the forthright stance of many similar websites a little tiresome. All I would like to say on the matter is to wish the best of luck to all the coalition forces, and to hope that loss of life on both sides is as minimal as is humanly possible.

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