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All Things Footie | Friday, February 28 | Jordan

No excuses

Just a very busy time at the moment. Sorry everyone.

I didn’t watch Liverpool progress in the Euro-Worthington last night and from what a Liverpool supporting friend of mine has told me that’s a good thing. I suspect that no amount of hype will make the quarter final ‘Battle of Britain’ any more watchable either. At the moment the only chance of them playing in Europe next season is by winning the thing.

Meanwhile United have strolled into the knockout stages of the ‘Champions’ league, as they admirably do every season. They often make it look so easy because they’re drawn with pub teams from Lithuania, but this year they’ve had what looked like a very tricky group. It seems that the European adventures are almost an escape from their increasingly worrying league position.

The team that’s making fools of Premiership defenders every week but can’t quite keep a clean sheet are oddly the team who’ve conceded least in the Champions League and scored fewer than ten other sides. Though Arsenal’s difficulty in finding the net in Europe will dog their progress. Still top of their group I’m confident they’ll progress, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the Gunners look a little uncomfortable playing teams who refuse to be intimidated by some of the best players in the world. The swagger and casual arrogance seems lacking in all but Thierry Henry’s European performances.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch the Worthlesston Cup on Sunday, it has the potential to be quite exciting — it also has the potential to be a dire, dire game that neither team wants to lose and neither team care all that much about winning. Then again, Liverpool do seem to get themselves up for mickey mouse competitions so maybe they’ll have a go at United. All Things Footie prediction? Nil-nil at full time, a couple of posts hit in extra time and a Man Utd win on penalties.

One more quick word for Newcastle United. I really hope they get themselves through their group in the CL. It’s not going to be easy, sure they’ve beaten Leverkusen twice — but so will most of the other teams in the group. Best of luck Bobby.

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