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All Things Footie | Wednesday, January 8 | Jordan

Sky. Lark.

Sky Television really couldn't stoop any lower than shafting a conference side becasue they won't put thousands of fans lives in danger. It was nothing but common sense to switch the tie to a larger ground, more people get to experience a truly unique experience that epitomises the spirit of football.

When was the last time the cup holders and/or league champions played a non-league side in the fourth round of the FA Cup? Never? Didn't think so (If anyone can prove me wrong please leave a comment below). Games like this come along once in a lifetime—if you're lucky. It's the ultimate David & Goliath, little & large, Prince and the Pauper. Like Shrewsbury vs Everton in the last round, they're what football is worth supporting for.

Why aren't the BBC televising it? What if there was an upset? I know it's next to impossible, but if there was, someone would get the sack at Sky. I'm appealing to that person to see a bit of sense, there's still time to bring an historic tie in the World's oldest football cup competition to an audience of millions. Don't be a twat.

Which neutral really gives a toss about Gillingham vs Leeds?

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