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All Things Footie | Thursday, January 30 | Jordan


If Emile Heskey was the best player on the pitch last night, I'm a scouser. What the f*ck does man of the match mean now? might as well give it to a substitute.

The muffled silence of all but a small section of Anfield (specifically the Anfield Road end, lower tier) last night at least confirmed that the Liverpool fans aren't kidding themselves. This is the worst Liverpool side I've ever seen and probably the worst top five team I've seen in the Premiership — that’s assuming they finish in the top five. Whether Gerrard Hoofier is the root cause or simply inferior players, there’s no way a long ball side can win the league. Especially if your two forwards couldn't hold on to a ball if it was tied round their ankles.

The Scouse fans celebrated a home draw last night like a team fighting for points to stay up, not like a team who thought they had a chance at winning the league a month ago. In a sense I’m glad they wont be in the Champions League next season, English clubs are still tarnished with the hoof-it-and-hope brush and this current Liverpool side do nothing but enforce the stereotype.

For those of you that know my footballing allegiances, don’t get me wrong. Like the Murphys, I’m not bitter about the result. Gutted that a poor decision and some slack defending cost us two points, but not bitter. I was delighted with Arsenal’s performace and I feel privileged to have seen players like Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Vieira and Gilberto all in the same team. There was some superb football played (just by one team mind) and it was really end to end stuff, four goals and lots of incidents. Cracking game.

West Ham (2nd Feb), Middlesbrough (8th Feb), Auxerre (20th and 27th Feb) and Birmingham (23rd Feb) fans, warm your voices up, coutesy of the guys from the Arsenal Mailing list;

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