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All Things Footie | Friday, January 24 | Jordan

GSOH, seeking football news

With only that silly tin-pot trophy going on in the week and West Ham’s impending relegation getting ever closer, there’s not been a lot happening. Some talk of Arsène Wenger signing a dodgy South American keeper when he’s already got England’s number one, a promising young English talent and a nineties Ragga star (Mr Loverman …).

This is probably the first Worthlesston Cup final for ten years that I’m almost looking forward to, it should be feisty, but with two long ball sides meeting each other I’m not expecting any pretty football. It’s a bit miserable to stop a first division side having a crack at a European place, but I’m going off the premise of giant killing anyway.

To paraphrase the Telegraph’s Giles Smith, the reason England performs disastrously in just about every sport we compete in is our desire for the underdog to prevail. Contrary to a widely spouted thought, first division sides beating Premiership teams is not a show of how strong English football is; it merely shows that our top teams aren’t strong enough. I for one hope Farnborough get a damn good hiding, and not just because they’re playing the Arsenal.

What the hell are a conference side doing spending a week in La Manga? Oh yes, the news love it. Look at the brickies and tree surgeons training at Europe’s most advanced sports training ‘resort’, £20,000 a week. I know they’re coming in for a windfall, half a million depending on who you believe, but isn’t it just a slight insult to those league and non-league outfits that are going bankrupt to go and needlessly waste a players yearly wage? I think it’s called tact, and I’d like to bet that Farnborough Town will have a few more enemies in their own league after this trip.


Here's a couple of links I've been meaning to let you all know about. Firstly, for all of you budding Ronaldo's out there, why not become a TV personality at the same time. You’ll almost certainly get to meet PJ and Duncan too. Soccerstars has arrived. Secondly, I know you all like voting for things, so why not take part in the UEFA team of the year poll. Representing the Premiership are: Ashley Cole, John Arne Riise, Rio Ferdinand, Sami Hyypiä, Patrick Vieira, Freddie Ljungberg, Thierry Henry and Ruud van Nistelrooij. So get voting.

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