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All Things Footie | Monday, January 27 | Jordan


The FA would never ensure the meeting of certain clubs in a competition they desperately need to make exciting after a round seriously lacking in upsets … would they?

FA Cup Fifth Round Draw
Ties to be played on the 15th/16th February

They might as well have left the remaining 14 balls in the hat hadn't they? For me the situation harks back to 1999, when following a tight FA Cup replay and an extra time winner from Ryan Giggs, United went on to win the treble. It's certainly not impossible that the winners of this match could go on to lift Europe's three most keenly competed for trophy's. After winning the league there last season and with the Champion's League final held in Manchester this year, Old Trafford could well become Arsenal's second home.

The only bad thing from TV's point of view is that the Arsenal media blackout enforced so effectively this weekend may have to be lifted. Who do you think'll get the tie though? BBC or Sky? As far as I'm concerned neithre of them deserve it so I don't much care. I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I'd take ITV over the pair of them, especially that smug, crisp advertising prat Lineker. Give me big Ron anyday.

However things play out, two of the most important games in the rest of Arsenal and United's season are to be played against each other. I know I'm looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, what's David Dickinson doing to Igor Biscan?

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