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Saturday, June 30, 2001

I'm not going to mention Vie...

Arsenal have apparently reserved the no23 shirt for Sol Campbell, a number popular due to it being the favourite of one Micheal Jordan. In the meantime Arsenal are making a move for free agent Pep Guardiola from Barca.

Aston Villa are persisting in their attempts to sign West Ham's Freddie Kanute, I would be surprised if the Hammers let him go without a substantial fight after losing Lampard and possibly Di Canio too.

Southampton have a replacement for deserter and weirdo Glenn Hoddle, temporary manager Stuart Gray has been promoted to manager, "We've chosen the best man for the job," said Rupert Lowe.

Everton have apparently agreed a four year deal with Anderlecht striker Tomasz Radzinski as a replacement for noveau gunner Fran Jeffers.

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Thursday, June 28, 2001

There's more to football than

Vieira......Or maybe not. Arsenal are to take action against dodgy agent Marc Roger for allegedly contacting Real Madrid offering Paddy for sale - an illegal action under FIFA guidelines which could lead to the troublemaker being banned from the game for some period of time. Meanwhile Arsenal are hopeful that Wenger can convince the snooker ball headed frenchman to stay.

Arsenal are reported to be after (some say have had a bid accepted) 21 year old Japanese star Junichi Inamoto, after watching him the the Confederations Cup I reckon he'd be a good signing - not even considering the vast marketing oportunities that a Japanese international in the ranks would provide.

But what about

United have confirmed they will be approaching Lazio's Argentinian playmaker Juan Veron now he's been cleared of passport irregularities, with a bid of around £20m expected. Lets hope someone hijack the deal at the last minute - just to annoy Fergie.

The smaller fry

Leicester have increased their £1m bid for Coventry striker John Hartson to a more robust (to suit the player I guess) £3.5m.

Sunderland have signed French forward Lilian Laslandes for £3.6m from Bordeaux. A good signing I reckon, he's looked good in the CL for the last couple of years.

John Aloisi has completed his move from Coventry to Osasuna for around £1m

Gerry Francis has been confirmed as Bristol Rovers' new boss, the mulleted ex Tottenham manager left Rovers 11 years ago to join QPR, he's back to get them "on the road to recovery".

And finally..... I just read a really good article on Soccernet, you can too - just click here.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

A bit more news.....

Craig Bellamy has joined Newcastle for a fee of around £6.5m - a seriously dubious buy if you ask me. Looked alright at Norwich, didn't make the grade at Coventry, I'd be surprised if this turned out to be anything but a waste of money but who knows? stranger things have happened.

I said I wouldn't get dragged into the Vieira thing but Gilles Grimandi has just updated his website with an interesting article......

"I've read the quotes attributed to Patrick Vieira in today's newspapers and I do not believe for a minute that they came direct from Patrick's mouth."

I would definately recommend reading the full article, it puts a different light on things hearing from the point of view of a friend rather than a tabloid paper. You can read it here - Gilles' Rant.

Dennis Bergkamp also has something to say on the subject.....

"Before I left for my summer holiday, Patrick told me that he was really content at Highbury and he seemed happy."

Again you can read the full article here. It sounds to me like all this constenation about Vieira's future has been conjured up (at least to some extent) by a nasty French agent (mentioning no names) to make a fast buck out of one of football's hottest properties.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

I'm Back

Yes, after a week in the sun I'm back, and as predicted I missed a fair bit. Giovanni Van Bronkhorst has signed for Arsenal as has (I think) Richard Wright - much to the annoyance of Jerzy Dudek.

Dennis Wise has signed for Leicester, Hassan Kachloul for Aston Villa and Chelsea have (according to Colin Hutchinson) 'signed' Manu Petit thawting Man United's bid.

The whole Vieira thing I can't be bothered to be drawn into, official club statement....

"PATRICK VIEIRA is an Arsenal player and is not for sale at any price."

Maybe he'll go maybe he won't, I'd be dissapointed if he did - a great player and, I thought, a decent bloke too. He's expressed his desire to stay with Arsenal many times over the last six months (not to mention the last 5 years) and I'd like to think he wasn't just placating the people who has supported him through some very difficult times and would defend him to the end of the Earth.

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Sunday, June 17, 2001

Don't go anywhere...

I'm off on holiday in about 3 hours, for a week in sunny Tunisia. Consequently, I doubt there'll be any updates to the site until at least next sunday/monday - by which time I'll probably be completely out of touch with the summer transfer news. Oh well, it's a small price to pay.....

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Friday, June 15, 2001

Jeffin' Great

The big news is that ex-evertonian and England U21 international Francis Jeffers has signed for Arsenal. Arsene Wenger (and I) see him as a box predator to take all 400 chances Arsenal could have taken this season with a man in the right place. It does mean that Wiltord, Bergkamp or Kanu will be leaving though (my money's on Kanu, but then again I didn't think Lampard would sign for Chelsea).

Wenger is also very close to signing Dutch international midfielder Giovanni Van Bronkhorst who signalled he wont be signing a new deal at Rangers. With Sol Campbell (probably) arriving as well, things are looking up for the gunners. Unless United sign Juan Sebastian Veron (£25m - from Lazio), in which case we're screwed because he's fantastic.

And finally, for all those scousers that have been banging on about how they are the second (or even best) English club in Europe in the rankings - here are the official UEFA club rankings for 2001;

Team Name
Real Madrid
Manchester United
Bayern Munich
SS Lazio
Atletico Madrid
Borussia Dortmund
Celta Vigo
FC Porto
AS Roma
Leeds United

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Wednesday, June 13, 2001

It's all happening....

The most drawn out (and frankly dull) transfer saga of the summer so far could be nearing completion. Sol Campbell has promised a quick decision to Arsenal and the Gunners don't want talks to last too long - Arsene Wenger has said that he wants next seasons squad assembled within the next 4-weeks. Marc Overmars expressed his surprise that Sol may choose Arsenal over Barca - now I love Marc but he's really getting on my proverbial with all his 'come to Barca, it's brill!' rubbish he keeps spouting.

Another target for Wenger is Real Madrid's Cameroon full-back Geremi, he faces competition from Chelsea who have apparently agreed a fee with the Spanish champions.

Without wanting to sound like Arsenal are dominating news today, utility player Nelson Vivas has moved on after 3 seasons to Italian 'giants' Inter Milan on a free. Good luck to him, he never moaned and played alright when called on - a rarity in modern players.

Francis Jeffers has rejected a move to Newcastle - I don't blame him, with no disrespect to the Magpies it's hardly that much of a step up. Almost like Ugo Ehigou moving to Middlesbrough to further his England career.

Sunderland have signed 18 year old Turkish 'star' Baki Mercimek, dubbed the new Jaap Stam - surely a prerequisite to underacheivement - the youngster has signed a five year deal on a free from Dutch side Haarlem.

And finally...... party boy Dwight Yorke, spotted at several night clubs in Trinidad on Friday night, has been dropped from the Trinidad and Tobago squad. He really is a prat.

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Monday, June 11, 2001

Not Another Trophy

No, I'm not talking about united - France won the Confederations Cup yesterday beating hosts Japan 1-0 in the final, courtesy of a headed goal from man of the match Patrick Vieira. There's also been a load of nonsense talked about him requesting a transfer from Arsenal, rubbish if you ask me, but I would say that wouldn't I?

Gus Poyet has finally completed his switch to Spurs for around £2.25m. The 33 year old Uruguayan international has moved due to lack of first team opportunities at Chelsea and is Glenn 'Holy Man' Hoddle's third signing after Teddy Sheringham and little known Yugoslavian centre half Goran Bunjevcevic.

Chelsea are said to be close to signing both Frank Lampard and Emmanuel Petit. I wouldn't be surprised if Petit joined - I've thought he was going there for a while, but the Lampard deal (reputedly worth about £11m) is more of a speculation than a confirmation In my opinion.

Aston Villa are prepared to make a £6m bid for Racing Santander's Swedish defender Olaf Mellberg, looking to replace the almost certainly leaving (if anyone will have him) Gareth Southgate.

And finally.... I've heard talk of United linking up with Formula 1 team and legendary Italian car manufacturer Ferrari, one of the worlds most recognised sporting brands, to spread their empire even further. I've heard Scumacher is a bit useful with a football, maybe its an audacious bid to snach the 32 year old German from the Italian Champions. I'd bet he's faster than Teddy Sheringham.

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Friday, June 08, 2001

Nike Town

What's this I hear? Nike to table £1 billion bid for Manchester United? That really is taking commercialisation tooooo far. There's not going to be a shortage of transfer fees there then? I shall say no more on the subject.

Steve Bould is back at Highbury next season to continue his coaching education and another new face on his way to the marble halls is Japanese playmaker and pin-up Hidetoshi Nakata. He is idolised in Japan and signing him (even for the £20m Roma are asking) would still produce a profit from replica shirts and merchandising in Asia as well as nurturing a new fan-base. It would be foolish not to sign him, he's a bloody good player too.

West Ham target Alan Curbishley has signed a new contract with Charlton - but that really doesn't mean what it used to in football. The signing of a new deal is usually a prerequisite to a move, done mainly to increase the value of the player involved - It looks like Solkjaer could be off as well then.

And finally.... maybe the Welsh have been crossing the border and training in Liverpool too much recently - stories of the leek eaters thieving Ukranian footballs are rife....

"'This is very sad. The machine shows there are too many balls. This will probably be taken from my wages now."

- Ukranian official after requesting an airport check on Welsh kitbags.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2001

It's oh so Quiet

Sorry about the lack of updates everyone - I've been a busy beaver over the last 3 days (6 exams don't you know) - but as of Saturday regular updates will be back!

Most of the news today centres around the England camp - with headlines involving 'Greek Tragedy' and talk of 'Trojan Horses' the potential for bad puns and double entendre is enormous. I however, will avoid the temptation.

It would be fair to say that England expects a result tonight, Greece are a well organised side with a hot centre forward (Machlas) but the rest of the team is sadly lacking. Newspapers highlight Greece's best players with special attention paid to 'star' player Nikos Dabizas, now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't he the dodgy centre half who plays for Newcastle? Average at best. So long as we keep Machlas at bay we'll be fine. If we do lose tonight though it will only be because of a poor, poor performance by England - and it will have to be a shocker.

Other News

Bryan Robson has officially left Middlesborough, with Steve McLaren replacing him as head coach at the club.

Robert Pires has said in an interview at the Confederations Cup that Patrick Vieira is still considering his future at Arsenal. Just offer him a blank cheque boys and let him concentrate on winning the Champions League. Pires himself is rumoured to interest Valencia who need a wide player after Mendieta has decided to play throught the middle next season.

Arsenal have offered Rangers £12m for Barry Ferguson, another shrewd move by M. Wenger? only time will tell.

West Ham have rejected a £15m Villa bid for Freddie Kanute and Frank Lampard. The club want more like £25m, don't blame them.

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Sunday, June 03, 2001

Weekend Round Up

Seaman's injured. He's not injured. No, he's injured again. Whatever.

Apparently Barca have offered Sol £230,000 a week over 4 years *does sums in head* thats £48m over the 4 years (oh and add on to that a £5m signing on fee). For £53m you could buy Phillipe Christanval and Lilian Thuram and pay their wages for 5 years. They're both 3 times better than Sol Campbell. Fools will be fools though, and there's nothing worse than an underacheiving, rich fool.

Although Lilian Thuram is reported to be on his way to United for a wallet bursting £25m - a lot of money? yes but he's better than Sol Campbell.

Steve McManaman has insited the left side of midfield is a berth he can fill - he plays there for Real all the time apparently - hmmmm - I'm dubious but we'll see. He can't be much worse than Heskey, at least McManaman can control and pass a ball 5 yards.

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Friday, June 01, 2001

Fridays News

All fun and games today, Gareth Southgate says he's going to go on strike for Villa's Inter-Toto cup games. Whether it's a protest against the cup or the club is anyones guess.

Darren Anderton is once again getting ideas above his station - the two game a season wing-back has been told to stop moaning and sign a new contract. I'd take it while it was there.

And finally.... Sunderland have been linked with a move for comedy named (but good - at least on Championship Manager) Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, how does that fit on the back of a shirt? £6.3m, FC Twente blah blah blah.

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