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All Things Footie | Saturday, December 1 | Jordan

It's a Fix!

Argentina, Sweden and Nigeria - the most difficult group by a mile. Three teams who won their qualifying group by a comfortable margin ‘top of the continents’ to quote Mark Lawrensen. At least France and Brazil have got it easy—even though Brazil struggled to qualify, finishing 4th in the South American group—heres the full draw.

group A
  • france
  • senegal
  • uruguay
  • denmark
  group B
  • spain
  • slovenia
  • paraguay
  • south africa
group C
  • brazil
  • turkey
  • china
  • costa rica
  group D
  • south korea
  • poland
  • united states
  • portugal
group E
  • germany
  • saudi arabia
  • ireland
  • cameroon
  group F
  • argentina
  • nigeria
  • england
  • sweden
group G
  • italy
  • ecuador
  • croatia
  • mexico
  group H
  • japan
  • belgium
  • russia
  • tunisia

Englands fixtures are...

There's some fantastic and scary games in prospect, if we finish second and France win their group then we get the current champions in the second round—it only gets better. It's also been confirmed by FIFA that from now on tournament champions will have to qualify for the next World Cup Finals. It's an interesting idea which will probably make no difference in the long run, it will however help the champions get a proper warm up rather than play a succession of meaningless friendlies.

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