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All Things Footie | Monday, October 1 | Jordan


And never was the most used one more apt than Saturday at White Hart Lane. Oh how I laughed seeing United losing 3-0 to a moderate Spurs side. Oh how I cried with laughter slowly watching them humiliate the home side in the final 45 minutes. Oh yes, it really is a game of two hal.....

It would have been easy for Glenda to say that United would have knocked five past anyone, but he resisted (just). The truth is that United were superb, and played some beautiful and effective football. It is also apparent that Spurs defence was venturing into chocolate teapot territory - there's no excuse for a defender being beaten to the ball in the air once, let a lone three times. If there's one thing ex Highbury hero and former espionage agent at White Hart Lane George Graham would never have let happen it's three headed goals at home.

On the down side for United, Van Nistelrooy still looked like poor value at �19m and Veron's lack of willingness to accept his defensive responsibilities was partly to blame for the shocking first half. Paul Scholes was excellent though, and his energy and talent will undoubtedly be vital for England in Saturday's crucial game against Greece.

And The Rest?

The rest of the day's action went on regardless and Saturday/Sunday proved to be pretty exciting all round. From Everton conjuring up 5 goals against a very poor and dispirited West Ham, to Southampton managing a win.... and away form home too! It was against Middlesbrough though, who really are in the mire now. Maybe Steve McLaren will join his former international managerial partner on the coach for hire bulletin board.

Leicester chairman John Elsom really didn't have a choice when it came to sacking Peter Taylor after 15 months and 2 wins in the last 17 league games. The only worry for his successor (be it Harry Redknapp or maybe Craig Brown?) is that no money will be available - yes he'll have to work with Ade Akinbyi.

I think I better get the weekly awards sorted now....

Performace of the week : Man Utd vs Spurs
Player of the week : Thomas Gravesen (Everton)
Goal of the week : David Beckham (Man Utd vs Tottenham)
Team of the week :
Thomas Sorensen
Jamie Carragher
Sami Hyppia
Matthew Upson
Ian Harte
David Beckham
Man Utd
Paul Scholes
Man Utd
Thomas Gravesen
Kevin Campbell
James Beattie
Thierry Henry

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