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All Things Footie | Monday, August 20 | Jordan

Where To Start?

Should it be with Michael Owen rescuing Liverpool's first game of the season from what would have been a deserved draw with West Ham? Or maybe with Arsenal's impressive (if slightly flattering) 4-0 defeat of Middlesborough at the Riverside?

Some would say that Fulham putting up a better fight than Liverpool against United was the most impressive performance (at the same time surely confirming to Alex Ferguson that Paul Scholes is scandalously wasted in the new system). Maybe the overpowering mediocrity of Aston Villa and Tottenham's thrilling 0-0 draw.

However much I want to be different though I'm going to have to take the same line as most and give a big round of applause to Bolton for stuffing Leicester at Filbert street an incredible 5-0. Describing Leicester's shortcomings would take all day, they were just poor in every department. Peter Taylor claims that only Frank Sinclair and Muzzy Izzet came out of the game with any credit - although how I don't know.

Now for a new thing, the All Things Footie weekly (Premiership) awards.....

Performace of the week : Bolton vs Leicester
Player of the week : Per Frandsen (Bolton)
Goal of the week : Alan Smith (Leeds vs Southampton)
Team of the week :
David Seaman
Chris Riggott
Christian Dailly
West Ham
Olof Mellberg
Aston Villa
Michael Gray
Kevin Nolan
Per Frandsen
Robert Pires
Fabrizio Ravanelli
Michael Owen
Kevin Phillips

The Robbie Fowler situation seems to have sorted itself out - with Fowler apologising to Liverpool assistant manager Phil Thompson. I have heard a (completely unsolicited) account of the whole situation.

Apparently Fowler was practising penalties after training, then Thompson staring taking the nets down. Fowler nearly hits Houllier's number two with the ball and Thompson gets a bit irate - accusing the striker of deliberately trying to hit him. This results in Fowler saying something along the lines of...

'If I'd wanted to hit you I'd have knocked your bloody head off'

Could be completely wrong of course but it's a good story.

Oh and well done to Blindasabat for remembering the start of 4-Aways, I didn't forget but I didn't have time this week to choose (after last seasons mauling of everyone I'm thinking about standing down as a competitor). A very respectable opening 8 points gives him an early advantage over everyone else who forgot/couldn't be bothered - and this year there will definately be a proze of some description, I can't say what yet because I don't know. I know I was meant to sort one out for last year but I had loads to do and no money to sort one out in the end, sorry everyone. I do promise one this year though :)

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