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All Things Footie | Monday, April 2 | Jordan

Mistake? no...

This is a good one. I've just noticed that on every page on the site I spelt 'World' as 'Wold' in the little information bit at the bottom of the main part. If anyone noticed then why didn't you tell me you buggers, if you didn't notice then it'll teach you to be more vigilant in future.

New stuff again

A new feature will be appearing very soon on the site which will give it a more diverse feel. The rants section is being 'expanded' to include columns (that's what I'm calling them when I want to sound more professional) from people other than myself. The first edition to the writing staff (another term to make the whole thing sound fancy) is a supporter of the multi-lingual, Harrods dwelling, big spending, low winning quarter of London's contribution to the Premiership. Just in case you're lost, I mean Chelsea. It's quite possible (nay probable) I may include more such 'outside' contributions so if anyone feels like they have something to say (that's a bit longer than a few sentences) then just mail me and I'll have a look.

A nod to a Charlton full-back

Just a little note to say respect to Chris Powell for his 'R.I.P Rocky' T-Shirt he displayed at the end of the Charlton v Leicester game today. I take back anything nasty I've ever said about him but I still think Ashley Cole is better :) and well done to the gunners for giving Rocky a send-off he'd be happy with, how ironic that the first goal was scored by our no 7.

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